Are You a Disbeliver of Psychic Phenomena? Read Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality

In his book Entangled Minds, Dean Radin seeks to scientifically explain the phenomena generally believed to be scientifically unexplainable.

Extraordinary events such as psi, premonitions, clairvoyance, telepathy, and similar occurrences are explored, discussed, and put to rational scientific testing and analysis by Radin and his colleagues.

Many people are split on their beliefs about psychic phenomena. Are you a believer or disbeliever?

In either case you will find fascinating scientific research to challenge your intellect in Entangled Minds that points to interconnectedness and an entangled physical reality which we all share.

An Impressive List of Experience for Dean Radin

pic-dean-radinDean Radin is the Laboratory Director at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California.

His experience and expertise in the field of the psychic phenomena is extensive.

He’s worked researching these phenomena for years at prestigious institutes including, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and the University of Nevada.

He’s also worked in three ‘think tanks’ in Silicon Valley, and served as a scientist on highly classified governmental programs investigating PSI.

The Conscious Universe

Conscious Minds BookcoverHe’s the bestselling (#1 selling parapsychology book on and award winning (1997 Book Award from The Scientific and Medical Network) author of  The Conscious Universe.

This book has been translated into 8 languages. Conscious Universe is so popular it is due for its 20th reprint in June of 2009.

Entangled Minds Bridges the Gap between Intuition and Science

Entangled Minds attempts to bridge the gap between remarkable realities that occur on a daily basis and the doubts of the rational thinking man to explain these events. Events like the dog who knows his owner is coming home, the ability to somehow know who’s calling the instant the phone rings (maybe even a second before the ring,) the numerous premonitions about 9/11, and the uncanny feeling something’s happening to your friend halfway across the world.

The theory, data, and facts behind these phenomena are explained and explored in Entangled Minds. Its Quantum Physics simplified for the reader to understand. This is the amazing fact that we are all ‘entangled’ with all else in our universe. This continual entanglement leads the innate ability to sense or know what’s happening or about to happen thousands of miles away from actual events.

This book is interesting, cutting edge, and encourages the reader to believe in the powers and events his soul tells him are true but his rational mind suggests can’t be true.

Discover How We’re all ‘Entangled’

Entangled Minds Book CoverEntangled Minds is full of facts, scientific studies on these paranormal events conducted by Radin and other scientists, analysis of studies and facts, graphs, humor, and real life stories.

Although this is definitely a non-fiction read, Radin couples the somewhat dry scientific studies with stories of psi, telepathy, premonitions, and more phenomena happening to real people every day to bring the ‘science’ to life. He adds his sense of humor to the book too.

If you’re the type who enjoys facts to prove what you or others thought was improvable then you’ll enjoy Entangled Minds.

I liked how Radin cleverly integrated scientific data with real life stories vividly illustrating the data. This book makes the connection between what some know to be true and the science to prove it.

You can also discover more about this best selling book, and read through the mostly five star reviews to learn what others have to say.

You can also listen to a four hour, four part  discussion on Entangled Minds by Radin at

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