How To Make A Great First Impression In Your Home Massage Therapy Business

By Amy Roberts

It’s hard enough knowing how to get clients when you start your massage therapy business, let alone impress them enough where they want to come back. So here are some very handy tips you can use in your own home based massage practice. These tips will help you impress clients so not only will they come back, but they will want to refer clients to you. As massage business owners, you are usually the ones taking all the calls. This includes bookings, enquiries, cancellations, wrong numbers, and talking with people who want to sell you things too.

So what about the people who make an enquiry over the phone? How do you get them from an enquiry to a booking? The secret is creating a great first impression. There are four ways to have a higher chance of turning an enquiry into a booking. These fours ways are; your voice, your proper speech, your response and your closing.

The First Impression – Your Voice

It’s very important if you have a home based massage business to have a tone of voice that says “you are very interesting and I am so happy to hear from you.” Make sure you always express to the person that you are very interested. Don’t answer the phone in a monotone voice, always express a light, interested tone that people feel comfortable with.

Avoid using slang (use proper speech). We do it everyday. Its best when speaking to a new potential client that we make an effort to say “yes” instead of “yeah” and “Pardon, I’m sorry I didn’t hear you” instead of “huh?” or “what?” Coming across as an enthusiastic, literate therapist makes ways for more success than someone who has a mono tone, casual language approach. And besides, its not professional to speak in everyday common terms to people you are trying to obtain business from.

Your Response

It’s best to listen first then advise. Instead of replying with “70 per hour” and leaving it at that when someone asks you what your fees are, you can reply with “The fee for a deep relaxation massage for 1 hour is $70 and it’s guaranteed. So if you don’t feel totally relaxed or or notice an improvement in your mobility after the treatment you will not be asked to pay.”

Closing the Call

Never feel embarrassed or awkward in asking for their business. After all they are calling you to express interest. If you do feel uncomfortable when asking for their business, then use a different approach. You can simply advise them of the different massage styles you might offer and which are most successful at treating their symptoms. You can let them know you are open after hours, and that you have the convenience of credit card facilities for example. By giving a couple choices it suggests they will assist you in determining which is best for them.

Giving a prospective client a good experience when he or she first deals with you creates a higher chance of success in the long and short term. It’s very important to make a good impression in your massage therapy business. Particularly if you have been practicing for one to two years and need to boost client numbers or have just started out as a massage therapy professional. Always remember to give the person a positive experience when they are dealing with you and the little things you communicate with polite speech and a professional tone will go along way.

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