How to Get More Clients During a Recession

This economic environment is certainly conducive to negative mindsets.

When in casual conversation reinforcements seem to keep piling offering little hope for small businesses.

The negative mantras can take hold causing fear to ripple into the heart of our business attitudes.

Questions We Ask During A Recession

We can hear ourselves asking:

Can I make my massage therapy practice thrive in such times?

Isn’t a massage therapist one of the last services people spend money on in times like this?

Well, yes and no…

Stressful Times Increase the Need for Massage Therapy

Building Your Massage Therapy BusinessMany massage therapists are feeling the economic pinch right now.

But, here’s the real truth: these are precisely the times when massage therapy business owners need to be more open minded.

Remember, your massage business is made up of people who may need your services more today than ever.

Remember too, that no matter how many people visit a massage therapist, there are many more people that still have problems such as back pain and sore shoulders, and have actively started their search for holistic approaches to pain such as massage.

It’s just that you don’t know about it because so far, it’s an internal conversion within this potential clients head. And they have yet to experience the superb benefits of your massage therapy skills.

Expanding Your Mindset

It’s the economy isn’t it?

No: it’s your mind that will be your greatest asset during an economic slowdown.

If you think of your massage therapy business as a job, it will be. Your actions will forever keep it that way.

If you think about your practice as an entity outside of yourself – think of it as vehicle for your life – now you can approach your business with the intention of making it a vehicle for success.

You are reframing you perception and this mind shift and it will greatly support you in expanding possibility. It will get you away from buying into the negativity, which can get to even the best of many massage therapy practitioners.

Establishing Repeat Clients

You will get new massage clients to schedule additional sessions simply because you are good at what you do. More important, however, is how you market your services and how you function as a professional massage therapist.

Be assertive in your dealings with satisfied clients: hand them business cards or flyers and ask them if they are satisfied with your service and skills. Ask them to tell a friend. Word of mouth referrals for a massage therapist is an effective and reliable way to build a massage therapy business.

You can’t beat a real, live testimonial. Each and every client can become an advocate, promoting you as the massage therapist of choice.

Just Starting a Massage Career

How can clients come if nobody knows you exists?

For the old and new therapist this is where marketing comes in. You have to be able to consistently and effectively get the word out about your services.

Reach into your core strengths and knowledge: you need to be confident that you can offer value to your clients in regards to their health and solutions to their immediate muscular problems.

Your clients will have their own concerns: listen to them. Find ways to grow your capabilities by understanding client needs.

This one tip alone can help you achieve new heights in your business while you help people become healthier and happier.

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