Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips and companion 52 Card Deck Reflexology: Healthy Healing Techniques by Barbara and Kevin Kunz

Anyone interested in reflexology will benefit greatly by reading Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips as well as the deck of 52 reflexology cards entitled Reflexology: Healthy Healing Techniques, both authored by Barbara and Kevin Kunz and published by DK Publishing. The book covers basic reflexology techniques and applications while the card deck provides a means of easy, portable reference.

If you have never tried reflexology, it is the modality of applying pressure at specific points on the hands and feet which correspond with specific body parts, organs, physical systems, and which provides pain relief, flexibility, natural healing, and relaxation. It can be used as a means to simply enjoy stress removal or as a healing process to address specific health problems. Reflexology, when proper techniques are applied, can benefit anyone from infants to elderly and every age in between. It can even be safely applied to benefit pregnant women. Unlike massage therapy which applies pressure to all parts of the body, reflexology maps the body areas which correspond to locations on the feet and hands.

Novices to reflexology should start with this book, or another of Barbara and Kevin Kunz great reflexology books, such as Complete Reflexology for Life, and use the deck of cards as handy reference material. For those who have knowledge and experience with reflexology and the many benefits, but want a means for portable reference, then adding the card deck to your library is perfect.

Reflexology Book CoverThe hardback, Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips, is easy to understand and contains illustrations of the exact techniques showing where and how to apply the pressure to gain the benefits of reflexology. It introduces then concept of reflexology complete with this modality’s history. Then it goes deeply into mapping the hands and feet and which pressures should be applied where for the desired benefits.

The deck of 52 cards is a fabulous references in a size slightly larger than a deck of regular playing cards (but much sturdier for years of use). They are color coded so you can quickly and easily locate the cards which depict the reflexology maps, techniques, foot reflexology, hand reflexology and self-help applications of these skills. These cards could be used as a reference or as a fun way for partners to treat one another to special “desserts” as the cards call the relaxing and healing treats of reflexology pressure.

Both the book and the deck of cards recommend the use of a foot roller or similar tool and a golf ball or similar round object for use in the self-help techniques. I must say that the self-help techniques alone are worth the price because they are explained simply and clearly, making the pressures easy to apply to your own hands and feet and feel immediate results. As a sufferer of arthritis, I immediately tried the technique for self-help finger flexibility and pain relief and found it amazing and instantaneous. Within 24-hours of first using the skill, I noticed a clear difference in flexibility. I’ll certainly make this new self-help skill part of my everyday life.

Who would benefit from this book and deck of cards? Anyone who suffers from pain, stress, health issues will benefit as well as those who already practice the skills of reflexology, whether as professionals or individuals who simply enjoy the benefits. Nail technicians and pedicurists can incorporate some of the hand and foot pressures into helping their clients relax and feel more comfortable and happy while receiving their professional services. The book and card set would make the perfect gift for someone you know and love while the deck of cards would make a very welcomed gift by itself for anyone you know who already has some knowledge of reflexology.

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11 Responses

  1. vanessa says:

    I am so thankful for your website. The world is a better place because of people like you; who bring such insight, awareness and simplicity to an over-corrupted pill-pushing society! God bless you and yours.

  2. Rehana Safia says:

    I have an idea which will help the user of Reflexology. I trust you that is why I am sharing this idea with you. Why not come up with a glove for hands on which all points are marked so that it becomes easier for the user to see the points right there on the hand. As for foot it could be worn like a sock but instead of a map of points just on the underside print on the top also, exact points all written in clearly that one can press the bottom points only. This would help the user a lot instead of looking at cards or a book on Reflexology.

  3. tanya says:

    hi there, the reflexology book and deck of cards sounds great. could you let me know the price and how to go about purchasing a set, thank you, tanya

  4. Sibongile says:

    Hi Sandy, I’d like to know can reflexology help someone who have a problem of snoring? If so, how?

  5. Hello there, the deck card is surely a good idea for anyone learning Reflexology. It’s not easy to be a student and the exams require you to have extensive knowledge. Way to go, thanks.

  6. bebe says:

    Informative and educational to those who do not know about reflexology as an alternative method of taking care of our health.

  7. I don’t have the deck you’ve talked about here, but I do have another one. I have to say that when I was going through my reflexology training that I found having the deck very helpful as a training tool and as ‘reminders’ when I started practicing. I’d highly recommend getting a good reflexology deck. I really like the design of the one you have described and may just have to get it too. Many blessings, Dee.

    • Sandy says:

      Thank you Dee for sharing your insights on using a Reflexology deck to support learning this fantastic healing art skill.

  8. Vickie says:

    Great ideal! Would this be O.K. for anyone to use? I do not have any training in massage, but would like to use it for a friend that has a lot of headaches and pain. Thank you.

    • Sandy says:

      Certainly Vickie! Reflexology is wonderful. Whenever I have a friend that is sick needs bedrest I have found foot reflexology really helps them feel better. Or if someone is in the hospital I find rubbing their feet helps them in many ways.

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