Characteristic of Zodiac Sign Virgo: Aesthetics and Intelligence

Asthetics and Intelligence are two of a Virgo signs traits. They are just the tip of the iceberg when you’re talking about the characteristics of the zodiac sign Virgo. And they are so much more. The astrological Virgin loves the sound of her own lilting voice and delights in being known for her cultured vocabulary. From the edges of her well-hewn cheekbones to the tips of her perfectly manicured toenails, Virgo exudes good taste. Think Jada Pinkett-Smith and the timeless classic, Lauren Bacall

More characteristics of those born under this can tell us that they can be carefully punctual or obsessed about time. They can be irritatingly neat, organizing soups and spices to the point of driving everyone else around them batty or they can be consummate slobs, living in complete chaos. It’s the subtle planet differences in their charts, especially Virgo’s 4th house, where in early childhood, lifelong habits are formed.

If you’re interested in wooing a Virgo woman, it helps immeasurably to have been born a Taurus. A gentleman Bull does much to make Virgo feel safe and taken-care of. Taurus has the rare ability to make Virgo laugh out loud. Never one to snicker at pratfalls, their sense of humor runs dark, deep, and always intellectual.

The Scorpio man will do well to steer entirely clear of the Virgin, for she will pick him to pieces, finding faults imperceptible to a less logical mind. Indeed, if anyone can make Virgo drop the cool and classy demeanor quickly, it’s Scorpio. Unless there are strong compatible planets between the two in the 5th and 7th houses at the very least or a strong presence of Venus in the third house of Virgo, a happy union isn’t likely. Passionate, yes. But a never ending cycle of making up and breaking up is wearing on the soul.

This sign can live comfortably with other Virgos and Librans, too. Aren’t the two of them adorable, sitting (Virgo’s the one with the impeccable posture) reading non-fiction books together? When two pair together they can be quite grounded and calm, provided the bed is crisply made every morning. The Virgo-Libra relationship can also be a great match if the Virgin is willing to drop the criticism that can keep Libra out of balance. Virgo’s characteristics may sound a bit picky, but if we didn’t have their esthetics and intelligence thing might get a little to disorganized.

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