The Language of Astrology: Sun Signs and Planets

Astrology Symbols Astrology Planet Name Characteristics of Sun Signs
aries symbol Aries The Ram, impulsive, a risk-taker, daring, adventurous. Ruled by Mars
taurus symbol Taurus The Bull, security oriented, calm, possessive, stubborn Ruled by Venus
gemini symbol Gemini The Twins, thinkers ,communicators, active, dualistic. Ruled by Mercury
cancer symbol Cancer The Crab, home-loving, emotional, nurturing, cranky. Ruled by the Moon
leo symbol Leo The Lion, proud, dignified, a leader, needing attention. Ruled by the Sun
virgo symbol Virgo The Virgin, perfectionist, needs to help, worrier, critical. Ruled by Mercury
libra symbol Libra The Scales, rational, peacemaker, indecisive, lazy. Ruled by Venus
scorpio symbol Scorpio The Scorpion, passionate, secretive, possessive. Ruled by Pluto and Mars
sagittarius symbol Sagittarius The Archer, explorer, philosopher, fickle, restless. Ruled by Jupiter
capricorn symbol Capricorn The Goat, ambitious, practical, gruff. Ruled by Saturn
aquarius symbol Aquarius The Water Bearer, original, inventive, aloof, stubborn. Ruled by Uranus and Saturn
pisces symbol Pisces The Fish, sensitive, empathetic, delusional, addict. Ruled by Neptune and Jupiter
sun symbol Sun Essence of our being, what we aspire to. Joyful, romantic, childlike
moon symbol Moon Home, Mother, roots, emotional nature. Sensitivity, compassion, nurturing tendencies
mercury symbol Mercury Communications, thought, siblings, neighbors. Mental ability, clarity of speech or writing
venus symbol Venus Feminine, romantic, passive nature. Artistic ability, beauty or handsomeness
mars symbol Mars Motivation, energy, instinctiveness. Impulsive energy, aggressiveness, masculine
jupiter symbol Jupiter Expansive, social, benevolence. Travel and philosophy
saturn symbol Saturn Structure, responsibility, maturity, ambition. Degree of restriction or limitation in life
uranus symbol Uranus Innovation, eccentricity, future-oriented. Individuality, non-conformity, rebellion
neptune symbol Neptune Dreaminess, sensitivity, psychicism. Illusion, ESP, can signify artistic ability
pluto symbol Pluto Volcanic, hidden depths, deep emotions. Primal instincts, taboos, repression
north node symbol North Node Lessons to be learned in this life, path of spiritual growth, life purpose.
south node symbol South Node Lessons already mastered, comfort zone of behavior, childish regression.
chiron symbol Chiron Our area of vulnerability or woundedness. What we must learn to heal.
Part of Fortune symbol Part of Fortune Luck, good fortune, prosperity. From Arabic astrology.


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