Cards of Your Destiny: What Your Birthday Reveals About You and Your Past, Present and Future by Robert Camp

Robert Camp has appeared on radio and talk shows as a result of reading future cards for celebrities and writing his first book, Love Cards. With his new book, he explores your past, present and future using the destiny cards based on only your birth date. The cards are more like the original gypsy fortune telling cards-a regular deck-than the tarot cards used by many psychics to help you along the life path.

Birthday astrology is nothing new, in fact the entire zodiac horoscope you read in the paper each day is based on your birthday. But it is interesting that Camp has discovered a way to tell your future using only your birth date. Along with predicting your future, these cards can explain your past, giving you some of the reasons you made the choices you did, and how you can fix some karmic mistakes before it’s too late.

Most impressive is the accuracy of the destiny card reading -especially given that birth time and location are not factored into the equation. It is based on a 52 day cycle-one year if you times that by 7- along with Camps’ discovery, ancient Egyptian fortune telling methods. Other reviewers state that after trying this method they believe it is one of the most impressive and accurate ways to predict one’s future ever designed, quite a compliment from people who do not give them out easily.

Perhaps harder to understand is the mathematics that are involved, at least for me, but no matter, even if math wasn’t your strong suite in school, this book (as well as the Love Cards) is a wonderful quick reference book to use for predicting the possible future and explaining the past, which enables the quierient to begin to recognize their patterns and thus change their destiny.

Come as a skeptic, stay for the entertainment. Destiny cards are surprisingly simple to use, and the meanings and references in the book are an easy read, truly entertaining.

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