Light on Relationships: The Synatry of Indian Astrology by Hart Defouw

The student of Indian astrology doesn’t get much in the way of relationship analysis due to the way Vedic astrology is written. In this type of astrology, there is no right or wrong answers for compatibility, and the result is that when you have determined the dosha of both you and your mate, Indian astrology teaches that there is an answer for every conflict, and thus no dosha is more compatible than another. Everyone wins.

However, “Light on Relationships: The Synatry of Indian Astrology,” by Hart Defouw does explain some relationship compatibility areas and does give a system for astrological chart comparison, just in case you have to know. (Or are looking for a way out.) The question of personal karma and the influences it has on every relationship that you enter into in this lifetime is definitely worthwhile to address. The complete details for how to compare charts can be found in this book, unlike any other written on the subject.

Your goals and family influences have an effect on your dosha, and that of your partner. Through the use of indexes, charts, and horoscope tables, the authors have come up with a realistic and easy to understand way of defining what the best possible karmic path is for this lifetime. This will give you a better understanding as to whether or not to date the person you are interested in. Their dosha might be great, but if you have a karmic pattern that needs to be changed, you might want to rethink your choice of companions.

Vedic astrology predates any western zodiac, and has been around as long as the Chinese zodiac, which is determined by twelve years rather then months. The Vedic astrology is made up of three doshas, which are us, comprised of the combination of two elements and can be found out not by the time, day, month or year of your birth, but by determining how you behave and think in various situations. To determine your dosha, you must answer questions pertaining to your physical capabilities and your state of mind. The answers to these questions align with the knowledge of other types of zodiac “doctrines” can help you gain a very clear picture of yourself.

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