Saturn in Gemini Through the Different Astrological Houses: Feeding Your Head

Many of us will only recognize Saturn through the restrictions he places on us. We find that we can be disciplined with this energy, told what to do and how to do it, and if we don’t do it right our game quite often is spoiled. For example, during this transit, Saturn has squared my 3rd house Virgo Sun. Despite the lengths I go to give my guest writers full credit for their work, I found that I was in violation of someone else’s copyright. I experienced this as a Saturnine energy, as my first response was to rebel (I have Saturn square Uranus), but when I recognized that this was an infantile reaction, I went into my Saturn in Libra to co-operate and ensure that there were no hard feelings for anyone involved.

Anytime we are impacted by a transit, we respond with that energy as it occurs in our birth chart. So, when I felt the transiting Saturn energy, I reacted with a natal aspect involving my own Saturn. Transiting Saturn is in my 11th house, insisting that I integrate with the agreements of others in my profession and avocation – my associates.

The mercurial sign of Gemini has one basic need, it must communicate. In the energy of Saturn we are told that we have to abide by the conventions of communications. For instance, it is important that we return our calls, reply to our correspondence and keep those who need to know, informed of our activities. Also in Gemini, we are students. Over- weening ego is counter-productive, while listening and the exchange of ideas is vital. We should be willing to learn, and to apply to our lives, those lessons that we are learning.

From a more mystical perspective, it is important to recall that Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, was the messenger of the gods. When he is fulfilling his role properly, he is in the right place at the right time, communicating what must be said at that moment. We are the channels, the vehicles, for Divine inspiration, guidance and information. With Saturn in this sign, it is our responsibility to say what must be said.

Whatever house cusp Gemini is placed in the chart, is where we must exchange ideas in order to properly function. As Saturn passes through this house we are presented with opportunities to grow in maturity, self-discipline and wisdom. Remember as well, that the house where Saturn resides natally will also be stimulated.

In the first house, we are learning about personal identity, how we impact others, and what we need in order to survive. The exchange of ideas defines us.

In the second house, we must find out what is truly important to us, what has meaning to us as opposed to what we’ve been taught “should” be important to us. Through communication we make ourselves valuable.

In the third house, we are redefining our connections with people in our immediate environment. This comes about due to the fact that our mind is being restructured and the way that we perceive the world is changing.

In the fourth house, we must organize and gain greater consciousness of our sense of “place”, where we belong in our world and how it must be structured. Resolution of the duality of our pasts, and the integration of the present, begins here.

In the fifth house, we learn how to take what is within the psyche and bring it forth into the world, in such a way as to gain understanding and acknowledgement. Areas of greatest creativity are also the most work, and we gain knowledge through sharing our efforts with others.

In the sixth house, we are expressing our purpose, for what reason are we here. We learn the meaning of work for its own sake, to fulfill a necessary function for ourselves and our world. Perception of what is needed and what service we can provide provides enlightenment and lifts karmic burdens.

In the seventh house, we come to understand that truly, no man is an island, and that we share the responsibilities of interaction with those we are partnered with. We learn by hearing the needs of the other and adequately communicating our own.

In the eighth house, we learn discernment of the values and priority systems of others, especially in how they relate to us. We learn what we may legitimately expect others to give us and what conditions must be fulfilled in order for this to happen.

In the ninth house, is where we determine our level of mastery, of how well we can play the game of life. There may be greater freedom here, but this is the freedom to expand ourselves, and to know that we are capable of spontaneous interaction with our world; to “ad lib”.

In the tenth house, we have the opportunity to prove ourselves, to reap what we have sown. This is the opportunity to work with what we have manifested, to show that we have truly accepted what we have desired into our lives. Here, we make use of the fruits of our labors, or waste them.

In the eleventh house, we see whether we will experience our hopes and wishes or not. We are expected to be able to function cooperatively with others now, and if not, why not? This is a time to locate ourselves within the bigger picture of human endeavor.

In the twelveth house, we come to terms with the completion of many things. This is a time for inner communion, to examine our lives and clear away what we will no longer be using. Within this sphere, we must re-examine our lives and prepare for the beginning of the new cycle.

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