Man and Women Traits: The Nature of Scorpio

Scorpio is a water sign, co-ruled by Mars and Planet Pluto and is at home in the 8th house. Known for its powerful will and deep feelings, natives of this sign are capable of frightening more innocent zodiacal signs. Scorpios are the sophisticates of the zodiac, they’ve been around the block more than once and may make you feel that they were born knowing more about the underside of life than you do. They do.

The Scorpio traits of women and men is to have to know more because they’re going to feel more. This isn’t necessarily a matter of empathy, though that can enter into it. This is more of the nature of sensing emotions like knife cuts, sharp and penetrating. They have to know and understand more about life since it is just too painful to be ignorant.

Astrology neophytes will look at the sign of Scorpio, nudge you in the ribs and chuckle knowingly, perhaps with a little eyebrow action. Yes, Scorpio is known for its passionate nature. What is less fully known or understood, is the enormous effort that Scorpio must put in to achieve fulfillment or satisfaction. Anyone who has had an intimate relationship with a Scorpio is aware of the intense concentration required for them to achieve a sense of release. This is associated with their grasping, possessive qualities, and issues with letting go. In order to fully relax, one must be able to let go. This can’t happen if one is holding onto their emotional control so very tightly.

Scorpio holds itself very tightly as well. Our world is not really set up to easily experience the intensity of Scorpionic passions. We are embarrassed by the passions of raw emotion, seething and swirling with illogic. In a more enlightened world, Scorpios would probably be able to express themselves with a great deal more ease. Additionally, Scorpio feels that it cannot safely trust the environment, since to do so would make it even more vulnerable.

Very often the Scorpio women traits finds themselves often alone and lonely. This is due to the fact that it often needs to test those who would get close. The closer you want to be to a Scorpio, the more tests you will have to pass. It is very unlikely that you’ll be informed what the tests are or what the correct answers may be. When allowed in to the Scorpio sacred space however, you’ll find a richness of personality, a depth of perception and a warmth of compassion which is unmatched elsewhere in the zodiac.

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