Live an Authentic Life: Principles of Robert Rabbin’s Authenticity Accelerator

“Who am I?” “What should I do?” “How should I live?” These are three common questions everyone asks themselves at one point in time or another.

Most of us spend an entire lifetime seeking answers to these inquiries, often to go unanswered. And oftentimes we seek answers from others: creating for ourselves a “copycat” life.

Acclaimed author, personal speaker, and self-awareness teacher Robert Rabbin has spent decades studying various spiritual disciplines. Throughout his quest he has gained awareness of five key principles that have helped him discover his authentic self. Rabbin shares his discoveries in Authenticity Accelerator: How to Live an Authentic Life in Ten Words.

What is an Authentic Life?

Robert Rabbin, AuthorAn authentic life is one that is genuine, real, and truthful. It is full of our own—not copied from others—thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and opinions. The precursors of discovering the authentic life begins when one asks questions that arise following one of life’s many moments: success, failure, conflict, illness, relationship shifts, desire, anger, or regret.

In Authenticity Accelerator readers discover a key insight: that no one but themselves can tell them what their authentic life is. Finding out is a journey of self-inquiry where one must ask questions and seek the answers.

5 Principles of Authentic Living

In Authenticity Accelerator, Rabbin offers readers the five principles he’s come to realize through his lifetime study of spiritual disciplines:

  1. Be present
  2. Pay attention
  3. Listen deeply
  4. Speak truthfully
  5. Act creatively

These ten words don’t offer readers specific answers to their questions about what is right or wrong, what is true or false, or what is good or bad. Rather, these principles help people shape the questions they need to answer in order to become authentic.

Guidebook for Journey of Self-Discovery

Rabbin's Authenticity AcceleratorAuthenticity Accelerator offers tremendous guidance to people, but steers clear of the typical self-help formula of offering readers a specific direction. Instead, Rabbin opens up a discussion with readers and encourages them to ask their own questions, find their own answers, and create their own truly authentic lives.

Rabbin does not want readers to subscribe to a formula for life that was created by himself or another “successful” person. This copycat concept defeats the purpose of living authentically. It is by discovering our own truths that we can truly discover the joys and passions of a legitimate life.

In this book, Rabbin not only shares his own journey of discovering authenticity, but expands the conversation on authenticity further by covering a range of sincere and personal questions based on everything from self-expression, planning, happiness, the spiritual path, and more.

Discover Your Unique Life

When people learn to answer their own questions, Rabbin notes:

They seem to become peaceful and excited at the same time. I attribute this to the fact that they have accessed their own authority; they have used their own shakti to generate wise and practical solutions for their own life. Not only do they find their own solutions, but they also increase their ability to do so in the future.

Individuals, groups, teams, and more can also interact with Rabbin in his Authenticity Accelerator seminar, one that engages participants in discussions and exercises based on the 5 principles of authentic living. The purpose of this seminar, as with the book, is to inspire people to create their own authentic life, one that is full with unique purpose, enthusiasm, fulfilling relationships, and lead with confidence.

Authenticity in ten words—Be present, pay attention, listen deeply, speak truthfully, act creatively. Ten words you can live your life from … and that come from a place of deep wisdom. I’m a big fan of Robert’s work, and this book on how to live an authentic life has raised the bar again. Could not recommend it more highly. —Peter Cook

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