Total Reflexology: Manual Bridges Craniosacral Therapy with Reflex Points

Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson is an esteemed Naturopathic and Osteopathic physician. She’s also a qualified reflexologist, and founded the ARTTFA Reflexology College in Paris.

Dr. Faure-Alderson is a pioneer in the field of craniosacral reflexology, one of many topics she discusses in her book, Total Reflexology: The Reflex Points for Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Healing.

This book has been described by both her colleagues and readers as a groundbreaking perspective on the field of reflexology and general health and wellness.

A New Approach to Reflexology

Faure-Alderson PictureTotal Reflexology: The Reflex Points for Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Healing (Healing Arts Press) has been described as “taking reflexology to the next level.” In this book on reflexology, Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson incorporates alternative therapies such as acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, and the chakras system to provide readers with a thorough perspective about the human body.

Dr. Faure-Alderson uses the foot as the map to the rest of the body and all the body’s major systems, combining both her physician’s background with her knowledge of alternative therapies. Using her holistic understanding, she links physical conditions of the body with the corresponding mental and psychological issues.

Specific areas of interest included in the book are:

  • detailed discussions about the foot, which Dr. Faure-Alderson has remapped in a comprehensive and concise manner;
  • the emotional reactions to the treatment of physical conditions and the best way to handle these reactions;
  • discussions on every major body system and how it can be related to the foot;
  • discussions on how to integrate the chakra system into a reflexology treatment; and
  • 25 well-illustrated and colored foot diagrams, expertly mapped to show with accuracy the pressure points.

Craniosacral Reflexology Therapy

Head Massage on WomanCraniosacral reflexology is a holistic complementary therapy that supports the body’s natural healing abilities. Dr. Faure-Alderson is a pioneer in this healing field, and incorporates her alternative and scientific understanding of the human body into its practice.

Dr. Faure-Alderson’s craniosacral reflexology involves three protocols—basic CSR, cardiovascular, and lymphatic protocols. Using these protocols, the craniosacral reflexologist works to get rid of any dysfunction that the patient is experiencing.

Total Reflexology includes her latest work and research in the field of craniosacral therapy, as well as the use of cerebrospinal fluid in reflexology.

Manual for Self-Healing

Dr. Faure-Alderson's Total ReflexologyDr. Faure-Alderson’s Total Reflexology is a comprehensive and first-of-its-kind book that builds on the use of foot reflex points. It is suitable for professional reflexologists who are already working in the field who wish to learn how to incorporate additional modalities, like craniosacral therapy, chakra system work, and additional holistic approaches into their therapy sessions.

This manual is also well-suited for anyone interested in methods of stimulating their own body’s natural healing processes. Total Reflexology: The Reflex Points for Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Healing makes a perfect complement to everyone’s library.

For more information, click > Total Reflexology Manual by Dr. Faure-Alderson

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11 Responses


    It is safe and without any side effect. Proper knowledge of accupoints will give the desirable results! This book is appreciable and one should read it over and over.

  2. I have taken classes from Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson and have found this book to be a wonderful resource when I am using her Reflexology technique Craniosacral Reflexology Therapy. For the trained Reflexologist it is a must read and must have!

    • sanbreck says:

      Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your experience with others so they too can benefit and learn more how Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy are complementary modalities that work together!

  3. Ann L. says:

    I am not too experienced but a friend of ours is certified and showed me the how to with my Husbands feet. He is a diabetic, and has kidney issues and CHF, in other words lots of issues. I have a copy of the left foot and I just rub the way our friend showed me on the areas that have pain until it is gone. I feel it has helped with his blood sugar numbers. Any information would be helpful. My husband is 87 yrs. old.

  4. Christine J. says:

    Very thought provoking. It really gives me hope in my quest for total healing using natural modalities.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. John A. says:

    Thanks for for your email and I am yet to see your reflexology
    manual. I am a Reflexologist trained by Barbara and Kevin Kunz of
    USA. Reflexology therapy is very effective and has ninety-five percent success in
    curing diseases is my five years of experience.

  6. This sounds like a fascinating book. I admire that you incorporated the chakras system into reflexology. Thank you for all your efforts and research into this field. I hope that it helps many many people.

  7. Mary says:

    Thank you Sandy and Kirk for a brilliant review and I am ordering the book now, I teach reflexology and it is exactly what I am looking for to complement the physical disorders helped by reflexology. I find your reviews very helpful and informative. Love and light, Mary.

  8. Cecilia says:

    Can you please differentiate Craniosacral Reflexology as compared to the Mainland Chinese reflexology practice. As I used to patronize them after a hard day’s work.

  9. Elizabeth A Stiles says:

    I believe that Craniosacral Reflexology is a gentler treatment, yet just as effective as the Chinese reflexology practice. The difference with Craniosacral Reflexology is the is the intent and focus neurological aspect of the Body. Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson has fine-tuned the points for the different systems of the body, including the brain. You will notice that she has mapped all twelve of the Cranial Nerves as found in the brain on both sides of the body through the toes of the feel. In Dr. Faure-Alderson’s research, she has also remapped the entire body as found on the feet.

    While I am trained in several modalities of Reflexology, I’ve found that each modality has it’s own strengths. I look forward to more coming from Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson in the future.

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