Learn to Use Affirmations: Review of Experience Your Good Now by Louise L. Hay

In her latest book, Experience Your Good Now, (published by Hay House) Louise Hay shares with the reader how to use affirmations to rid your life of negative thoughts and replace those thoughts with kinder and gentler thoughts.

The intention that springs forth is to create a life of love and self-acceptance.

Most of us have heard that “thoughts are things,” and there is plenty evidence supporting this statement.

Let’s read on to learn more about Hay’s latest book on affirmations.

How Affirmations Work

In this 105 page, hand-held, small, hardcover book with twelve chapters, Hay explains the basic concept of affirmations: what they are, how they work, and how to implement them into your daily life. Along with this easy-to-read and navigate book comes a CD for continuing your affirmations any time of the day or night.

Louise Hay ProfileHay explains in Experience Your Good Now that affirmations are basically anything you say or think. Many of these thoughts have been planted in our minds during childhood and whether these statements we make about ourselves and life are true or not, we often repeat them to ourselves on a daily basis over the course of our lives. When these thoughts and words are negative—as they often are—the outcomes are also negative.

What Do Your Thoughts Create in Your Life?

That is unless (or until) you replace these affirmations with positive affirmations that will also result in more positive outcomes. Hay comforts those who have unsuccessfully tried affirmations before. She says that affirmations are like planting seeds and it takes time for the plant to grow into a measurable item. This is also so of affirmations, and Hay urges the reader to not grow frustrated but to be consistent and persistent and amazing results will be sure to come their way.

Every thought, word, and action is in essence an affirmation in which we either eliminate things in our lives or create the things we desire. This book is a tool that will teach you how to create the things you want in life and eliminate the ones you don’t want.

Heart in SandExperience Your Good Now is an empowering book that is straightforward and to-the-point in doing affirmations. A chapter is dedicated to doing affirmations for each of the following categories that often challenge people in life: health, fearful emotions, critical thinking, addictions, forgiveness, work, money and prosperity, friends, love and intimacy, and aging.

At one time or another, each of us has experienced challenges in at least one of these categories. As we undergo stresses in one or more of these we tend to revert to old ways of thinking and affirming ourselves.

Exercises and Examples

In Experience Your Good Now, Hay presents concrete exercises and examples of affirmations that help, ones that hurt, and how to make the transition to living a life full of daily affirmations (which, remember, is really what we think, say, and do) that will transform your life—or parts of your life—into the happy, peaceful, love-filled life we each truly deserve.

Rather than pondering over which part of your life to start with using positive affirmations, Hay suggests that you just start no matter which part of your life you choose.

This New York Times best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life is not just a successful author. She’s also a metaphysical lecturer and teacher. Her works have been translated into twenty-nine different languages and sold in thirty-five countries.

If you’re not happy with any aspect of your life, it’s time to take charge and make the changes that only you can make. Experience Your Good Now is a positive and versatile tool to use to get you started on the journey to the life you are meant to live.

Book Cover for Experience Your Good NowAnd if you’re really motivated to improve your life and want a chance to propel this into action, consider participating in one of Hay’s two contests. In celebration of the release of Experience Your Good Now, Hay House is offering a chance to win a spot on their At Sea Caribbean Cruise which sets sail on January 28th, 2011 and returns February 4th.

To learn more, click > Experience Your Good Now!

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