Online Resource Helps Students Excel at Learning Anatomy

The Human Anatomy and Physiology Course is a detailed resource for massage therapists and other healing arts practitioners required to have an understanding of the human body.

By compiling years of research and volumes of knowledge into one source, creator Dr. James Ross has made is easy for people to learn anatomy online.

Understanding human anatomy isn’t easy, and this course is like having your very own anatomy tutor to guide your learning.

Massage Therapy an Expanding Holistic Arts Field

Massage therapy and other holistic health industries—such as reiki, hypnotherapy, flower essences, and yoga to name a few—are expanding as more and more people discover the powerful benefits of natural healing.

Gaining the required skills and knowledge starts students off on a successful and rewarding career in nurturing clients’ health to its full potential.

There is a fundamental beginning to all healing careers, and this is knowing and understanding the basics of the human body, how the body works, and what implications different types of therapies have on its core functions.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Course

A comprehensive resource, Human Anatomy and Physiology Course, was created as a home study system by Dr. James Ross. This course allows students an opportunity to understand the complex human body and how all of the body’s parts function. Participants can take full advantage of learning anatomy online, at their own pace, and in their own surroundings.

The course is very helpful for those attending holistic therapy courses who are struggling with learning anatomy.

Dr. Ross makes use of detailed modules, diagrams, lesson plans, and quizzes in the course to ensure that students—in Dr. Ross’ words—understand “everything you’ll ever need to know about human anatomy, physiology, and drug therapy.”

Learn Anatomy Online: Successful Course Delivery

Dr. Ross’ Human Anatomy and Physiology Course gives students the power for their own success. Students proceed through the course at their own pace, as each lesson is mastered one at a time to ensure that the greatest learning potential and understanding is met.

Every lesson concludes with a revision test to give students the opportunity to gauge their understanding on the subject. For the visually-orientated person, Dr. Ross has included hundreds of easy-to-follow illustrations complete with details to further reinforce the understanding of the human body.

The course is broken down into three main components. In the first, Human Anatomy & Physiology Course, Materials, Lessons, Quiz, and Answers, hundreds of modules offer easy to understand information on everything from basic human physiology, to the digestive system, to human genetics.

The second component, Drug Dosage, Therapy, and Pharmacology, explains how drugs affect the system, what drugs help prevent and treat infections, and much more.

The third component to the course, called Detailed Illustrations Graphics Pack, contains hundreds of clear and intricate illustrations of the human body and all its systems.

Beneficial for Massage Therapists

This award-winning course—previously available only for medical professionals—is beneficial for people in a variety of careers who are ready to learn anatomy online, including: healing arts and medical students, researchers, anatomists, sports trainers, chiropractors, nurses, or paramedics. Dr. Ross maintains that this course is compatible for all skill levels, even for those with no prior medical training or background.

Learn Anatomy OnlineUnderstanding the human body in such detail is required for massage therapists in order for proper healing and care of clients. Students beginning or even in the midst of their studies can use this resource as a practical study tool to complement their already existing course load.

For those interested in securing the broad and detailed knowledge base required for successful careers, the Human Anatomy and Physiology Course is a worthwhile learning aid.

To learn more, click> Human Anatomy and Physiology Online Course

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