Summit Career College in Anaheim and Colton, California

When choosing among the massage therapy schools, Southern California offers Summit Career College in Anaheim.

The Orange County campus is located at 1360 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805

The Colton Campus is located at: 851 S. Cooley Drive, Colton, CA 92324.

Summit Career College massage school in California is provides massage classes and courses that will prepare you to enter the exciting world of massage therapy as a true professional.

In today’s tight job market, you may find yourself stuck in a career threatened by outsourcing. Massage therapy is one of the career markets that can never be outsourced, and today there is a demand for trained professionals well in excess of the professional therapists available.

The school is well known for its comprehensive education which covers a wide range of skills and knowledge. The course studies provide one on one training, flexible hours, and hands on experience. Upon graduation and certification many new opportunities are possible. Exciting workplaces and the satisfaction of truly helping people await after your training at Summit Career College.

With multiple accreditations, a highly trained staff, and the latest facilities and equipment, you’ll enjoy preparing for your new career when you choose the exceptional classes and courses at this well known college.

It is easy to learn about the facts and get the information you need to determine if this is the right location for you to begin your massage therapy education by scheduling a tour with the school today!

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