Everest College – Hayward, California

If you are seeking a top-notch massage school, Hayward, California provides Everest College.

One of the best massage therapy schools, Southern California offers Everest’s massage courses and educational training that will prepare you for an exciting, lucrative career quickly.

The campus is easily located at 22336 Main St, Hayward, CA, just a few blocks off Mission Blvd. Just take the Melvin Ct. Exit and turn west on Hotel Ave, then go North on Main.

There are many opportunities for job placement once you complete your massage training. With the rise in demand for natural therapy alternatives this industry is growing day by day. You will find positions in health clubs, spas, cruise ships, as well as doctor’s offices, and other medical related facilities.

With a staff of trained professionals to teach you the skills needed to provide the in-demand service of professional massage therapy, you may find Everest the right place to begin your path to a new career. It is easy to fill out the form online and request information to help you make a decision about whether or not this is the right career field for you, and if you might qualify for a massage school loans should you need one.

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