Everest College in San Bernardino, California

California offers Everest College in San Bernardino, where you can get your career training in the growing field of bodywork therapy.

If you are searching among the massage therapy schools, Southern California offers you a great location and great education at Everest School. The San Bernardino campus is located at 217 E. Club Center Drive, Suite A.

You will achieve the best available education because the massage courses and training available teach the latest techniques using state-of-the-art equipment. Everest’s highly trained instructors provide the hands-on learning in small classes that will prepare you to enter the exciting world of massage therapy as a fully-qualified professional.

As more and more people demand natural health care options, the need for qualified professional massage therapists grows daily. No longer are patients willing to accept a dangerous pill for every ailment. By helping your client’s bodies heal naturally, you’ll know each day will be a challenge which is both satisfying and fun. You’ll find employment opportunities in some of the most exciting locations anyone could ask for: hospitals, cruise ships, sports facilities, physical therapy care centers, yoga studios, and even fine resorts.

Financial aid is also available for those who qualify for massage school loans or special grants, and schedule flexibility mean there is no reason to delay starting a life purpose career! It is so very easy to learn about what the school and when the next classes begin by contacting the school to get all your questions answered!

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Massage Business Tips

massaging techniquesBuild a Birthday List:

On your massage client intake form, include a place for the client to enter their birth date. Then use this information to build a birthday list in your computer so that you can send clients cards on their birthday.

For regular clients, you might also want to include a special birthday discount card or even a free mini massage session for their birthday. This will delight your client and encourage customer loyalty.

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