Anthem College Located in Brookfield, Metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you want to attend a Metro area Milwaukee massage school that provides a secure, drug-free campus, you’ll want to learn about Anthem College.

Located at 440 South Executive Drive, in the suburb of Brookfield, you’ll find the campus easy to access. The facilities are located in Suite 200 of the modern building near the end of a cul-de-sac accessible from West Bluemound Road.

Trying to choose from the many Wisconsin massage therapy schools can be quite a chore. You need to be sure you learn as much as possible about each school you consider. Some points to consider are the number of instructors, class sizes, financial arrangements and possible financial aid for students who qualify, and whether hands-on learning is included. At Anthem College, you can attend their diploma program in Massage Therapy where the instructors will provide you the opportunity to learn the modalities of bodywork. You’ll practice hands-on applications of the theories you learn in the classrooms, preparing you for entry into the career world after graduation and professional certification.

Wisconsin massage training can lead to employment in workplaces such as hospitals, spas, resorts, cruise ships, gyms, sports centers, and many other exciting places where you will help people feel better and reach their health and fitness goals. The modalities you’ll apply will improve circulation, provide pain relief, increase flexibility and sport performance, and many other medical benefits associated with bodywork therapy.

To learn if this Milwaukee massage school is the right one for you, you’ll want to learn much more about their classes, schedules, fees, and opportunities offered in this career path. To get all the details, simply contact the school by clicking on the following link, and filling out the provided form.

To learn more click > Anthem College located in the suburb of Brookfield, Wisconsin.


Massage Practitioner Tip

FootMassagesChoose Adjustable Massage Tables for Your Business

Buying the right massage table for your massage therapy business is one of the most important purchases you will make. This isn’t an area where you can compromise. You are investing in your business, and also providing a tool that will not only support your client during their session, but will also support you.

With the correct massage table you will feel a huge difference in your own body at the end of the work day. You should select a table that allows you to adjust the height so that you can easily reach clients from every angle. You should be positioned so that your arms can reach the client’s body without straining upward. This will ensure that you end your day without unnecessary muscle aches and strains.

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