Become a growth hacker: Adriaan Brits on growth hacking, where to begin

Entrepreneurial books are great: They help us grow and think in new ways we never imagined. One such book is called “Growth hacking 4.0” It is really worth a look!

Whether a business is a lean, bootstrapped start-up, or a market leader that wishes to maintain a dominant position, growth hacking is now a must have. This book is all about reversing the game: Instead of chasing clients and audiences online, you’re going to bait them smartly and allow them to chase you instead. Strategically it is about re-evaluating your marketing agencies performance and finding new ways to hack growth. In the process of becoming a growth hacker, I was fortunate to have two awesome tech geniuses in my company, which was a very successful start-up in London. The new comfort zone I found myself in was one where I often hired people, and partnered with people who were way smarter than me: it meant learning at a rapid pace and increasing our profits exponentially. Many of the proposals we received from marketing agencies in New York and London were good, but those who were the best, often came from integrated marketing agencies where there was a strong technical team, rather than a marketing team. It is therefore not surprizing that later, when I completed my MSC in marketing at a University in Oxford, that some of the things people theorised about were of little value – and if I learned anything at all after University, it is that the value of a multi-disciplinary team and the integration of conventional marketing concepts with tech and digital trends means everything for today’s start-up. Now like most of my readers, I also love reading books by Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Nir Eyal and John Maxwell – but felt that there is a particular need to reconcile marketers with growth hacking. I wrote this book to help demystify growth hacking to sales and marketing teams, but also to start-up boards, in hope that there can be even better collaboration between conventional marketing teams and forward thinking tech consultants.

“..In the pursuit of higher ROI’s and lower start-up costs, Adriaan has done a brilliant job of summarizing the latest options available..”
(Yuval Sarrill, Silicon Valley developer)

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Growth Hacking 4.0: For modern sales and digital marketing consultants

The days of SEO and Facebook marketing is over. Now it is all about growth hacking. Become a growth hacker by exploring the latest insight by Adriaan Brits.

If you enjoyed Growth Hacker marketing with Adriaan Brits, be sure to also watch the video below by Nir Eyal:


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