Animal Psychic Shares Stories: What Some Animals Have Told Me

By Shirley Scott

In my line of work, I come across the most wonderful stories from animals and I’d like to share a few of them with you. This is what makes my line of work so fun and rewarding.

Tiger the Dog

Here’s a story from a hunting dog. He was a young dog but big for his age. He was very clumsy, even more so than any puppy should have been. He would sit up and put his paws together as if he were praying or as if they were hands instead of paws. He would sometimes just stare at his paws as if he wondered what they were. He was always falling down stairs and tripping over his own front feet. His owner was beside himself with stress over his clumsiness.

“Well, Tiger, what’s bothering you about your paws?” I asked him.

“I don’t know how to use them.” He said and telepathically showed me a picture of a monkey. I did everything I could not to laugh at this poor dog.

I understood he had brought some traits of his last lifetime as a monkey into this lifetime. This was his first time as a dog and he didn’t know how dog’s used their paws. In part of his mind he was still a monkey. I started showing him telepathic pictures of what a dog did and how they walked on all four legs. I showed the owner how to do this and to keep reminding him that he was a dog now. Within a few weeks I heard Tiger was doing fine.

The Queen Dog with the Big Ego

My next story is about a small show dog with a very big EGO! Her owner informed me that she was really good until she got into the ring to show and then refused to mind. She would drop her head and start growling and barking at the other dogs. Her owner had spent a lot of time and money on this dog but was about to give her up. She was a beautiful dog but her attitude was driving her owner nuts.

I started to ask this little dog a question and before I finished I heard her say, “I’m ‘The Queen’ and I’ll bite anyone that gets too close so you need to stand back.”

I stood my ground and told her I had no intention of touching her. I said I’d respect her space but I’d like to ask some questions.

“Did you know your owner is about to give you away?” I told her as I sent her a picture of being given away.

I could tell she understood and she looked lovingly up at her owner.

“You need to mind in the ring and act like you know what to do.” I sent her another picture of the show ring and a winning ribbon.

“I know what to do. I just don’t like being in the ring with the other dogs. They’re not in my class. Stupid, that’s what most of them are.”

“Don’t you want to win a prize?” I asked.

“I don’t care about that! I don’t like the other dogs.” She said again.

I looked at her owner and told her what The Queen had said. “Well,” her owner replied back, “she has never gotten along with other dogs. Could you ask her to get along just in the ring?”

I ask the little Queen and she agreed to try. We talked about the other dogs and how she could really show them her “royal-ness” in the ring if she just ignored them. The next day the Queen and her owner had a very nice talk before she went into the ring and they came out with a first prize ribbon.

The Golden Chicken

The next reading I did was with a chicken for a lady and her kids. I must say I try not to form a judgment about any animal I read, however I’d heard so many times that chickens are dumb I was having a hard time thinking about reading one.

The chicken was a special kind of chicken and to this day I can’t remember what it was. However it was a wonderful golden brown and I thought how fitting a color for a hen. The lady and her children wanted to know if the hen was happy.

It only took at moment to get in touch with this chicken and I was pleasantly surprised when I received pictures right away. I told the family there was a certain type of treat they gave her, which she thought was great. She knew her name and she even came when they called her. She showed me a lot of things in a very short time.

I told her family she liked the house they’d built for her. I told them what I saw and they confirmed my visions. This little hen also told me she liked to be carried around and view the world from a higher place, in the arms of the lady.

The one thing I learned that day was even a chicken has a personality; humor and a loving side. So never underestimate any animal and what they feel, see, or how they view their life.

The Nosey Goat

The next story is one I really like. I was at a ranch doing some horse readings when the lady of the ranch said, “I need you to ask my goat what he’s doing to the other animals all day.”

I asked, “What’s he doing?”

“Well, he puts his nose on top of the chickens’ heads, one at a time. Then he goes nose to nose with each horse, cat, dog, pig and all the other animals. Once he’s done with the nose touching, he eats and before dark he does it again.”

Well, having never talked to a goat before I had no idea what I was in for.

I sent him a message and he walked over to me and wanted me to put my nose next to his. I did and I immediately got this question in my head.

“Are you okay?”

I answered that I was and he backed away. I asked him if this is what he did to the other animals.

“Yes, I make sure everyone is okay. That’s my job and I do it everyday.”

I told his owner what he’d said and she laughed. “Well it was him that came running and making all kinds of noise one day when the cat had fallen into the pool. Come to think about it, whenever anything goes wrong around here he’s the first one to let us know.”

“Well, there’s your answer. He’s making sure everyone’s okay and doing what they are supposed to be doing. This is his job and he loves it.”

Since then I’ve talked to many other goats and just about all of them are worriers and have to make sure everything’s okay. They make great greeters at the fence and can also be good watchdogs. So next time you’re with a goat, reassure him that you’re okay and he’ll walk away, at least for a few minutes.

The Cowboy’s Horses

The next group of horses I was asked to read was a group of very expensive horses that were for breeding as well as riding. Their owner was a cowboy and he let me know he wasn’t sure if he believed in what I did. He took me to the horses and I started reading them while he just stood there.

The first horse was a stallion that was very interested in one of his mares because she was in season. All his attention was on her, however, I did get pictures of him being sent away to be trained by someone else and he hated it. He liked being back but didn’t want to go away again. His owner said he wouldn’t promise that.

I didn’t tell the horse this and even if I had, I don’t think he would have heard me. He was running in a circle trying to figure out how to get out of his area and in with the mare. I went on to the next horse.

The next horse walked like he was 100-years old, yet I read the animal’s energy to be about nine years old. Then I found out he was near five years old. When the energy is this much out of whack, it tells me that there’s been abuse. I asked him why he was in so much pain and I was saddened by his answer.

He showed me the other seven horses in the pasture biting and kicking him. He was beaten up everyday by the other horses. He didn’t like them and they didn’t like him. It wasn’t an alpha thing or even the pecking order. The other horses just didn’t like him.

I told the cowboy and he said he was thinking of selling him. I told him he should sell him to someone that didn’t have any other horses because I could see this happening again and again. He just wasn’t a strong horse and the others would always pick on him.

The cowboy said he’d try and find him a home. I told the horse and that seemed to help him out.

(I found out later the cowboy did find a nice home for him and he is doing much better now.)

When I finished reading all the cowboy’s horses, he looked at me and said, “Well, you’ve told me almost everything I already knew. Can you tell me how they want to be trained?”

I was a little confused at his question and said, “Animals don’t know how they want to be trained. They want love and respect and that’s one way to train them. They don’t think about the future because they’re too busy in the present moment. They only know how they’ve been treated or trained and if they liked it or not. They can’t tell you something that they don’t know.”

He looked at me and I saw a small light go on somewhere behind his eyes.

“Well, I guess I was expecting them to let me know what I needed to do to train them faster and better.”

“The best way to do that,” I said, “is to treat them with love when you’re training them. That way they’ll want to learn easier and faster. When you’re training an animal, if you use pain to get them to do something, they may remember the pain instead of what you wanted them to do. They’ll relate the pain to the trick. They’ll resist doing it because they remember the pain they had to go through to get there.”

“Well, I guess that makes sense. I’ll just have to keep going and remember to throw in some respect too.” Was all he said. He did tell me that I had great intuition but still wasn’t sure if I read his animals or just picked up things by watching them. I told him it was both those things that assist me in my readings.

Well there you have some of my favorite stories and I hope you enjoyed them and you have a better idea of what an animal communicator can learn from an animal.

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