Pet Communication and Spirituality Information by Pet Communicator, Shirley Scott

Articles on Pet Communication and Spirituality Topics

  1. Learn About Labyrinth Designs and Take a Spiritual Walk
  2. There’s No Excuse for Abuse!
  3. Animal Psychic Shares What Some Animals Have Told Her
  4. Read about Shirley’s Near Death Experience and Meeting a Spirit Guide
  5. Learn How a Psychic Animal Communicator Can Find Lot Pets
  6. What Causes Fear? Learn to Face Your Fears, Change Your Life
  7. Inspirational Thoughts on the Power of Positive Thinking
  8. Spiritual Health – The Concept of Evil and How Can it Serve Us?
  9. Telepathy and Swimming with a Bottle Nose Dolphin
  10. Why you never see the headline: “Psychic Wins Lottery”!

Shirley is an internationally known clairvoyant and animal communicator. Her skills were brought forwardpictureshirley after a near-death, out-of-body experience. Shirley does animal readings as well as readings for humans and crosses the veil to talk to loved ones that have crossed.

She teaches people how to bring their clairvoyant, telepathic or intuitive skills forward and also does aura healings, healing by touch and is a minister of the Progressive Universal Life Church. She believes in helping people help themselves which is very evident in her books and new CD, “Face your Fears, Change your Life.” You can learn more about Shirley’s book and CD, which are available on her website.

She also publishes a free monthly e-news letter and if you’d like to subscribe, or are interested in receiving a private reading please email her at:

Be sure and learn more about Shirley’s books, CD, and services by clicking the following link to visit her website:


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