Why You Never See the Headline: “Psychic Wins Lottery”!

By Shirley Scott

Several months ago I had someone ask me, “Why don’t psychics ever win the lottery? If they’re any good, they’d be winners all the time.”

Well, I knew I’d never thought about it and I also knew I wasn’t much of a gambler but the question was an interesting one. So I did what any good psychic would do, I went to a Higher Power. The following is what I heard from that Higher Power.

Money As Energy

Money in the Spirit world means nothing. Money’s only a form of energy, invented by humans for some kind of gain, and if you put too much energy into it, it starts to control your life. This is why so many people are having money problems. They think money will somehow make them happy or solve their problems. People are worried about not having enough money which is putting “the fear of being poor” out into the Universe, so the Universe will bring you the “fear of being poor.” Money is only a way of paying for things like bartering use to be. Back when people bartered, they put all their energy into crops or crafts or whatever they wanted to barter with. In this way they were not only being creative, busy and enjoying what they were doing, they also had enough things to barter for other things they needed. If we could get back to that state of mind and realize if we put more energy into the creative side of ourselves and make what we are good at or do what we are good at, the money would follow naturally.

Count Your Blessings

When you’re on your path, you’ll be supplied with everything you need, not what you want or think you want. We’re already supplied with what we need every day. We may want more but all of us are on the path we are supposed to be on and so the Universe supplies us with what we need at the time we need it. Many of us just get greedy or impatient and want everything now. And even people in third world countries are on their paths. In their suffering, aren’t we learning many things about ourselves and the world. They’re brave souls to suffer to help us see many things in this life time. So count your blessings and one of those blessings maybe NOT having a million dollars.

Free Will

There’s “free will” and “timing” of the person drawing the lottery numbers. That’s why it’s called “free will.” No one can tell the exact time another person will do something because they have free will – no one, not even the best psychic. God gave us all “free will” and no one can take that away or know preciously to the second what someone else will do. So a psychic may pick the right numbers but if the balls with the right numbers are ready to come out and the person pushing the button hesitates, the moment is gone and another ball will bounce into its place.

Understanding Energy and How it Works

Psychics can’t do readings on themselves. They have to go through life learning their own lessons just like everyone else. They usually have a better understanding of why things are happening to them and they can correct it or create something else easier than many other people. This is because they look at life in a different way. They understand energy and how it works. They can also talk to their spirit guides and hear them more clearly because they are use to talking to them everyday.

Wealthy People Work Hard and Save

Gambling to get money isn’t the most important thing to psychics. We see people gambling with their lives everyday and that is much more important. Helping people see that their lives are already filled with blessings and wonder is the most important thing. Psychics should help people understand that money is just another form of energy and should be treated as such without the greed or fear of not having enough or losing what we have. These fears will manifest themselves and you’ll always be in this “wanting” pattern. And if you look at most wealthy people, they have worked hard and saved their money.

The Law of Balance

“Money is the root of all evil” and to put more energy into it is not in the best interest of a psychic, or anyone for that matter. If you put all your energy into any one thing, you become unbalanced and it’s not healthy. If you put all your energy into just watching TV, you’d soon lose touch with the outside world. If you put too much energy into working all the time, you soon burn yourself out. If you put too much energy into helping others and not taking time to care for yourself, you soon become sick.

There is always a balance that needs to be remembered. Balance of give and take – our Universe teaches us about duality and balance, but we put too much energy in money and that’s why the world is having many of the money problems it has today.

Money is a Vehicle, Not What We Take With Us

Money is only a means to pay, just like air is only a means to live yet we don’t think about it until it’s so polluted we can’t breath it. We really can live without money but we can’t live without air, food and water and these are the things we should be putting our energy into. We should be putting our energy into developing our spiritual life and growing our soul. These are the important things to put your energy into because you take your soul with you wherever you go, even in what we call death, but you can’t take money with you.

So now you know why psychics don’t win lotteries and why others care less about winning because they already have every thing that makes them happy.

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