Methods of Communication: Mental Telepathy…its not just the words we say!

By Shirley Scott

There is always a conversation going on – either with yourself or others. If this was not so, the brain would be dead and so would you.

When we, as humans, talk about communication, we almost always take it for granted that it means talking to someone or writing something down. But there are many other ways we communicate that we don’t even think about. We have sign language, frowns, smiles, stares, raised eyebrows and far too much other body language signs to even mention. However, another thing we use that most of us are not aware of is telepathy.

Telepathy is that small quiet voice that tells us to call Uncle Joe. It can be a thought or picture in our heads that tells us something’s wrong. Telepathy is a form of energy that is a natural connection to our survival and communication instincts. We’ve all experienced it and the simplest way to tell you how I believe it works is this:

I think of someone and the energy from my brain goes out and connects with that person or animal I’m thinking about. Because I’m thinking about a certain person or animal, I’m sending out energy currents that are the same as that person’s energy currents. When the same currents or vibrations find each other, they connect and the message is past from my thoughts to theirs. When that person gets the message, it usually makes them think about me. They get a feeling that I’m thinking of them or they need to call me.

It’s our thoughts, the ones we all put out every second or so, that fills our minds and our world with conversation. This is unseen energy at work. It’s like electricity. We can’t see electricity until we turn on a light, however it’s really the light bulb we see, and not the electricity. We can feel it when we shuffle our feet on a carpet and shock someone. We feel the shock and can see the spark, but it’s a spark of light caused by the unseen electricity.

So electricity is something we can’t see but we can feel it or see the end result of its existence. This explanation of how electricity works is also the best way to explain how telepathy works. Telepathy and electricity are just unseen energies we can harness and use, and we can develop telepathy to greater degrees of awareness.

Webster’s Dictionary defines electricity this way:

  • “A fundamental physical agency formerly thought to be caused by a kind of fluid but now understood to be caused by the presence and motion of electrons, protons, and other charged particles, manifesting itself as an attraction, repulsion, luminous and heating effects and the like.”

Okay then, I don’t know about you but if we can’t get a clearer explanation of electricity than that, how are we ever going to understand the function of electricity or telepathy?

But both electricity and telepathy work on the same principal. We can’t see them but we can see the end results. When it comes to telepathy, we usually call these results coincidences. Like when we’re thinking about someone and they call. Or if we run into an old friend on the street we haven’t seen in years, but were just thinking about them this morning and they just happened to be thinking about us.

So telepathy is a process of stimulation of the mind or a sense of feeling in the body. It’s a feeling of knowing, understanding or recognition. This is what telepathy is all about. It’s something that is felt but can’t be seen, just like electricity. It’s something that’s felt or unheard because most of the time it’s in a thought form, not actually physically heard in or through your ear drum. Most of my messages are thought forms or pictures. Once in a while I’ll actually hear a word or voice in my ear but not very often.

With this in mind, shouldn’t we place telepathy and electricity on the same level with the same understanding? Electricity is generated by the starting of some kind of movement or energy that charges the protons, electrons and other particles we can’t see and changes them into something we can see. Telepathy is generated by the starting of some kind of movement or energy, which is a thought from our mind and charges particles we can’t see and changes them into something we can experience. We can’t see where either of these forms of energies actually start but we can see and experience the outcome of them both. So if we accept the fact that electricity is real and works, shouldn’t we be able to accept telepathy on that same theory? In other words, accepting both of them on blind faith! (Just kidding)

My whole point here is that none of us really knows or can prove how telepathy works, it just does. Just like turning on a light switch and the light comes on. This is so natural for all of us that we don’t think about it until the electricity goes out.

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