The Concept of Evil – Good vs Bad? How Can it Serve Us?

By Shirley Scott

What is evil? Who came up with the d-evil? And if God made only good, who made evil? If God made only good and everything is made in his image, where’d the devil come from? If God is only good and we’re part of God, why are some of us evil? Or is everything really good, like God said, and we’re just judging it as bad so we have a reason to put the blame on the “devil” instead of taking responsibility for centuries of our own actions and then having our karma come back to teach us things?

In many beliefs, God is a man that sits in Heaven and judges us. So if God is a male figure, then with the duality in this Universe there should be a Goddess sitting next to him to balance the male/female energy. And because She’s sitting next to Him, She has to also be made of good. Because the duality of the Universe is opposites, what’s above has to be balanced with what’s below. So if God and Goddess are both good and are above, then we humans have to be the balance or duality. So does that make us the evil God and Goddess below, on Earth? That would truly make more sense and balance the duality of this Universe instead of blaming evil on some man that sits in Hell with flames burning around him. And if we really look at this evil and where it’s coming from, we’ll see it comes from the greatest blessing our Creator(s) gave us; free will.

So, in the confinements of traditional religion, here’s a question that needs to be addressed. How would God know how to make the image of a woman if there was no example to follow? He knew how to make man because it’s written He made him in His own image, so wouldn’t it seem to make sense that there had to be a Goddess blue print too?

I was at church a couple of weeks ago and the speaker said something that hit hard with me. When Adam was conscious, he was in the Garden of Eden. The Bible says he was awake. The Bible also says that God put Adam to sleep to create woman. But nowhere does it say that he woke up. He never became conscious again.

What I get from this is, Adam was the example of our Oneness with the Creator(s) and to be divided into a man and a woman represents the duality of this Universe. Because we know we’re whole in ourselves when we are conscious, which means we have realized we’re all in the Oneness, we are in the Garden of Eden. We’re in the Garden of Eden because consciousness brings with it the knowledge (of the tree of life and what life really is) that we are spiritual beings and can’t be disconnected from the Creator(s) that made us. The Garden of Eden is truly the energy of consciousness and knowing who we are and accepting all the good that our Creator(s) made for us to learn from. But when we are unconscious or asleep, we can’t see the Garden and we believe we have to look for it somewhere besides within ourselves. However, the Garden of Eden lies just inside our soul or our heart, waiting for us to walk through its paths and sit by the still waters.

When we’re conscious about what life and what humanness really is, we can see that we are spiritual beings and just by changing our thoughts we can be back in the Garden of Eden in a heartbeat.

So if God is omni-present and the creator of all, why would he make the devil? He tells us that he only made good. Every thing was good. So the fallen angel that became the d-evil has to be us.

I believe that the “devil” was made up by some out-of-control religious men to scare the hell of everyone and so they could be in control of people – ego is a powerful motivator. Even Jesus didn’t try to control people in his days here on Earth. And Jesus even said that where ever men are gathered, so shall we find the devil among them. I believe this was Jesus’ way of telling us that because we have free will and we want to experience everything, we come up with evil ourselves. And because deep in our souls we all know that we really can’t die, even a physical death is just an experience for our soul to watch and learn from.

Murder, child abuse, rape, lying, hitting, wars, starvation, suffering in anyway, be it spiritual, emotional, physical or mental are all ways of learning. They may look evil but I believe that nothing can be healed unless it’s brought out into the Light. Forty years ago child abuse wasn’t even mentioned because people didn’t want to face it. Now it’s a head line everyday and we are doing something to try and stop it. So it may look evil but in the long run, perhaps we do these things to serve a higher intention, to wake up!

Murder is a horrible crime unless we look at what it’s teaching us about life. Or maybe the murderer and the victim had some past karma–to heal and murder was the only way they could find to work through it. We don’t know what other people’s life contract holds for them so we shouldn’t judge it and stop there.

So let’s stop blaming the d-evil and start taking responsibility for our own actions, thoughts, and words. There have been too many wars, murders, abuse and other atrocities blamed on God or the Devil. Too many people think that God or the Devil has complete control over our lives but then we wouldn’t have free will or free choices, would we? Let’s look at what evil really is and how it helps us learn, grow and heal. We can take responsibility for it and heal it. We can become conscious of it and be awake, not asleep.

I know that on the other side of the veil, we can only experience love and more love. We don’t experience hate or anger or other emotions. And these emotions and actions are a big part of why we are here. And these emotions and actions are supposed to help us learn, grow and raise the consciousness of the human race so we can get back to the God and Goddess, the Garden of Eden and become one with them again.

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