Arizona School of Integrative Studies (ASIS)

Economic Stimulus comes to ASIS

Enroll now in ASIS Massage Education’s Massage Therapy Training, Northern Arizona’s oldest and most comprehensive Massage Therapy Program.

ASIS Massage Education announces our Massage School Economic Stimulus Package. Let us help you realize your dreams and goals of becoming a massage therapist. In the spirit of economic recovery, and to celebrate our 15-year anniversary, ASIS is rolling our tuition back to 1995 prices.

New Directions

learningTrain for a NEW CAREER that feeds your soul, while assisting you in achieving economic independence. We are committed to being a part of America’s solutions as we navigate our future. In a retreat like setting, ASIS will prepare you for a rewarding, life changing career. Change yourself and change the world in these difficult times.

Massage Therapy

Massage has been used throughout history as a treatment for pain and disease. It promotes circulation of blood, lymphatic flow, muscular relaxation, a greater base in standing and moving, and increased sensory awareness. Through the practice of massage, we can also become aware of lifestyle and psychological patterns, which may be causing or perpetuating painful and limiting ways of being.


Massage of the StomachIn this education, we present a full-time, transpersonal training dedicated to the whole person. Offering a wide variety of modalities in a safe, supportive and evocative setting, ASIS provides the education needed to prepare students to meet the challenges they will face as contributing members of the health care system and to become licensed.

The intent of the Massage Modalities woven within the massage therapy training at the ASIS is to educate and assist the students in finding their own voice in this diverse field.

The modalities, which include Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Polarity Therapy, Neuromuscular, Connective Tissue & Myofascial Release, Injury Rehabilitation/Sports, Hydrotherapy, Thai, Elder, Infant, and Prenatal Therapies (among others), are carefully chosen to blend eastern and western philosophies, as well as deep and light touch. This gives the student the opportunity to learn to affect their clients on all levels: physically, energetically, and emotionally.

Also included in the curriculum are Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology and Palpation, Communications, Ethics, Business, Law, Pathology, and a variety of alternative health modalities. In addition, this course includes an AZ Chiropractic Assistant Certification. We are the only school in Northern AZ to offer this certification.

A few unique qualities of ASIS Massage Education:

  • Our small classes allow for students to receive ample attention from our dedicated staff.
  • We employ over 15 teachers, each teaching their specialties. Our faculty provides students with a rich and diverse learning environment.
  • We emphasize different learning styles, recognizing that different students learn in different ways. Our classes offer a blend of kinesthetic, audio, and visual tools to encourage insight into each individual’s learning process.
  • We offer Communications and Ethics classes with the intention of creating ethical therapists by assisting them in not only learning concrete communication skills to deal with their clients, but to guide them in personal growth and development.

Massage Therapy School TrainingASIS is:

  • Approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)
  • Licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Post-Secondary Education
  • A member of the American Massage Therapy Association Council of Schools (AMTA)
  • An approved provider for Category “A” continuing education programs
  • Authorized under federal law to enroll non immigrant alien students
  • Approved by the Arizona Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Approved by Northern Arizona Council of Government (NACOG)
  • Approved for Veterans Trainings (selected programs)

We also offer scholarships, work-study, interest free payment plans, and low interest student loans.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – John Eldredge

Let us help you realize your dreams and goals!

Let us help you realize your dreams and goals! For more information, please feel free to contact Arizona School of Integrative Studies (ASIS) at: To reach the Sedona/Verde Valley campus, please call 928/639/3455 or 1-866-334-3348. You can also email us at To reach the Prescott campus, please call 928/717/2747 or 888-517-ASIS. You can also email us at

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