Health Care Training Services – Avon, Massachusetts

Choosing a nursing school in Massachusetts can be the very first step on the road to a bright future. Health Care Training Services in Avon can provide the quality education you need to ensure that your future will be satisfying, lucrative and you’ll excel in your chosen field.

This nursing assistant program in MA allows you to prepare quickly for your career in this in-demand health care field. Blending classroom lessons with hands-on clinical experience, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive education. You’ll earn 230 hours through classroom theory and study. The additional 160 hours will be earned through clinical experience so that you will have the confidence and self-assurance you need when working with patients during your career.

Nurse assistant training in MA will prepare you to find employment in exciting, challenging and satisfying places such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, convalescent centers, emergency services, prisons, schools and many other places. Each day, you will experience personal satisfaction knowing that you have made a positive difference in the lives of each patient for whom you provide professional, safe and ethical care.

You will want to learn all the details about their class schedules in case you are seeking a nursing school at night or perfer day classes at this great school. You’ll also want to know about the full range of student services, including financial aid. All you need to do to obtain all the details is contact Health Care Training Services in Avon, Massachusetts for their complimentary, no-obligation information packet.

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