Turiya Nada “Cave of the Siddhars” CD

Deep in the spiritual wilderness of South India, in a cave of the sacred mountain Thiruvannamalai, the sage Ayya has been (and still is) in a state of incredibly deep, powerful meditation.

Consuming nothing more than a glass of milk daily, the sage has dwelled in this cave for over seventeen years.

The state he exists in is called “Turiya”; a form of higher consciousness that transcends the boundaries of our physical world.

Turiya Yoga, a practice where higher forms of knowledge and illuminations are cultivated, is a practice of the Siddhar Sages. These evolved yogis have journeyed on the path of light beyond enlightenment to achieve a state of perfection. They have reached the ultimate goal of yoga, to literally merge with the divine. The sage Ayya has reached this goal–he no longer needs sleep or food, he exists in a passionate union with God.

The first passageway on this mystical journey can be found in the breath, when it resonates with the energy of ancient mantras and vibration bringing in the presence of the Siddhar Sages. This resonance with the divine breath is called “Turiya Nada.”

The recording of Turiya Nada – “Cave of the Siddhars” came into being through Nandhi, an initiate of Ayya. Born and raised in TamilNadu, Nandhi was introduced to the path of the Siddhars after being taken through a near death experience by a saint. The album CAVE OF THE SIDDHARS came into being at the request of his guru Ayya, who initiated Nandhi into the path of the Siddhars and mentally communicated to him that to him that he wished for him to share these sacred mantra to the world so that may be guided toward eternal light.

Nandhi chose the didgeridoo as one of the recording’s central instruments due to its other-worldly sound, which he feels truly captures the essence of the deep breath of the mantras. According to Nandhi, the pure, primal, undulating magical drone of the didgeridoo makes it “the only instrument that comes close enough to the sounds of meditation.” The album employs the splendid didgeridoo playing of Cofe Fiakpui to achieve the blissful results you hear.

Also included is harpist Edwing Sankey, percussionist Christo Pellani and keyboardist Ming Freeman, all of which are on the Siddhar path. The beautiful combination of enchanting instrumentation and ancient, potent mantras makes this recording incredibly useful for meditation, yoga, bodywork, manifestation, healing and simple tranquility .”A testament to its potential- CAVE OF THE SIDDHARS scored between 1000-1250 on Dr David Hawkins’ consciousness calibration scale, which computes one’s consciousness level through applied kinesiology methods. This is the same level that Christ, Buddha, Krishna and Brahman!

“Turiya Nada ‘Cave of the Siddhars’ is an album that you cannot simply read about…you need to hear it to understand the power it possesses. It is especially well suited for those times when you have the time and space to totally immerse yourself in its healing energy and absorb all that is being presented.” –Music Design Review

Turiya Nada is Suitable for Yoga and Meditation

Ideal for a deep plunge within! It is a journey within through each chakra, finally opening the Third Eye, the Ajna chakra. Due to the powerful subtle energy and higher vibration in “Cave of the Siddhars,” it is natural to experience an extremely deep meditation and yoga practice.

Listening in the Car While Driving

These mantra chants are from the state of heightened awareness, activating the subtle energy and the ‘third eye’. The energy fields through the resonance helps the mind focus on driving while aligning with the divine to relieve stress and anxiety.

Manifestation of Intentions

Siddhar chants manifest. The state of higher consciousness, “Turiya”, which is beyond the states of sleep, dream and wakefulness is the zone of manifestation. Listening to Turiya Nada will bring to play the divine energies of manifestation.

Before Sleeping

The music is meant to take the listener into the womb of the universe, the divine Source. “Cave of the Siddhars” has the vital component of Yoga Nidra, i.e. the ability to calm the mind and transform the mood to that of harmony and divine bliss. It is natural to sleep deeply when our mind is surrendered to the Source.

Enrichment of Your Home

The divine vibration of the Sages brings to our daily lives the gift of tranquility, love, integrity, inspiration, harmony and divine protection. This resonance is ideal for home–just listening wherever we are or simply allowing the hyper-positive vibrations to bring in good Feng Shui!

Tantra, Massage, Bodywork, Acupuncture, Tai-Chi, Creative Work and Esoteric Healing

Turiya Nada intends to take the listener through layers of our present limitations into the vast realms of divine energy.

Tracks of the CD

  1. “Dance of the Siddhars”: The music and chant intends to awaken the body and the mind of the listener to the primal resonance: Va Va Va Va Yen Guru Natha, invoke the Siddha Guru. “A” is the sound resonance invoking the Goddess. “Va” also means in Tamil “come” and “Yen” means “my.” “Natha” is the term to denote the higher realized beings, the Siddhars. By invoking this mantra, we are calling our personal ancient Siddha Guru who has been waiting for our call all along. 9.33 minutes.
  2. “Siddha Joy”: This song invokes joy and the heart’s yearning to connect with the Soul. Sarva Mangala. Invoke the Auspicious Goddess Sarva” means universal and “Mangala” means “the auspicious.” By dwelling on the inner vibration of the mantra that invokes the presence of the Goddess, the grace of divine wisdom is showered. This mantra chant invokes the guidance of Mother Kundalini. Nandhi unites with Goddess Thiru Nyana Prasanambigai. The Sacred One Pregnant in Wisdom. 3.58 minutes.
  3. “Siddha Intensity”: These chants were recorded on an auspicious full moon night. It is a Kundalini climb upwards. It gets the listener ready to absorb the immense subtle energy of the next track. Build up the inner fire. In the intense build up of divine energy through the mantra becoming the breath, each inhale builds the foundation to climb higher into wisdom while shedding intellect with the chant. The mystical intense notes of Cofe’s didgeridoo and the fire within the chant absorb the limited to reveal our true being- the Holy Spirit set free. 6.48 minutes.
  4. “Cave of the Siddhars”: An intense 27 minutes of meditative mystical mantra chants of the Siddha traditions. This track leads us into the cave of the perfected beings invoking Maha-Avathar Babaji and other Siddhars. The track culminates with an actual live recording of Siddhar Rajaswamy invoking ancient Siddhar yogis at the sacred fire ceremony held in Mahalinga Malai, South India. 26.59 minutes.

Total time: 46.39 minutes of bliss, joy and transforming music! We are so glad and grateful that we could convey to the world, the guiding energy of the realized yogis, infused in the music that merges the Ancient East and the Dynamic West.

Our endeavor: To develop Amma Sanctuary, a sanctuary for old cows and old bulls that have served humans all its life–a giant farm (sanctuary) that feeds the hungry world over with organic nutritious food. We hope to develop projects that provoke human sensitivity. Visit us at www.nandhi.com.

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