Indigo Dreams: Meditation and Relaxation Bedtime Stories for Children, Improve Sleep, Manage Stress and Anxiety by Lori Lite

My father was very into meditation, and I wanted to be just like him.

He tried to teach me how to mediate, but I couldn’t hold still long enough to ever get anything out of it, and kids meditation was pretty much unheard of at the time-there certainly weren’t any meditation for children Cd’s available.

If “Indigo Dreams,” by Lori Lite had been on the market, things would have turned out differently…

This CD is helpful for children of any age, especially those who have a hard time calming down right before bed, and what kid doesn’t? It is also one of the best “time out” concepts available. If your kids are acting out and need some quiet time, putting on this CD and allowing them to relax and regroup is a much better form of discipline than anything punitive, like sitting in a corner. Headstart facilities are beginning to use the CD with excellent results and great reviews. Why didn’t someone think of using meditation for children as part of nap time a long time ago?

Positive reinforcement and self control is the best solution for the overly active child. This would be an excellent gift for the parent with an ADHD child, and can be used during the afternoon, when you need a break. The parent and their child can listen together, and how often does a mom or dad get to just sit quietly with their child? Not very often.

With this CD for kids, bedtime can be a positive experience that your child just may end up looking forward to rather than fighting with you or themselves over going to bed.

If your child is sick, listening to this soothing kid’s meditation CD can help relax and sooth them, and we all know how hard it can be for kids to sleep when they are not feeling well. After you have read to them, put on the CD and allow the author to take over with soothing stories read in a great voice. (The music is wonderful as well.)

There are two other CD’s by Lori Lite; Indigo Ocean Dreams and Indigo Teen Dreams, so there is a CD for every age range.

Parenting is hard work. Let this kids meditation CD help you with one of the more difficult aspects of raising kids-calming them down and getting them to sleep.

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