Western Career College – Antioch, California

Massage therapy training at Western Career College in Antioch means you’ll obtain skills from a highly respected San Francisco Bay Area massage school. With the high demand today for trained therapists, you’ll find the Shiatsu and massage therapy training at Western Career College will prepare you in every way to enter this important field. The campus is located at: 2157 Country Hills Road, Antioch, CA 94509.

With the surge in the fitness and natural health care industries, you’ll be able to choose whether to open your own private practice or work in one of the many exciting workplaces such as medical offices, physical rehabilitation centers, sports programs, pain management centers, wellness centers, spas, resorts, cruise ships and stress reduction programs.

massage practiceYou’ll learn in the classroom and gain hands-on experience in supervised clinical settings to enable you to help your clients feel better. Pain relief, improved flexibility and mobility, improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, rapid healing and increased immune response are just a few of the benefits your clients will enjoy. You’ll find personal and financial satisfaction when you choose this career path.

Its easy to obtain the information you need to learn about Western’s Antioch campus, California massage school classes. You can request info on tuition fees, when the next classes begin and even schedule a tour of the school. Just enter your information and a school rep will supply you all the details.

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