How Christian counseling can help with healing from trauma, depression and life challenges.

Christian counseling is necessary in this modern world of solitude and disconnectedness due to hectic lifestyles which are individual orientated. Christian counselors and Christian therapists are now more needed and relevant than before. is a Christian counseling directory for Christian counselors and Christian Therapists from anywhere you are based at your convenience.


Christian counselors and therapists help individuals at ease without family support

Where individual goals take precedence over group, family or communion goals, people are more inclined to live separate lives regardless of how close they once were. When there is need for solace in times of distress, an individual may find themselves alone in the word away from family, where previously family would form a support base. There is traditional counseling that used to come through the family unit, however this has changed due to modernization and migration. That is not the only situation, some individuals do not have family or have lost all their family members, they are left to go through life.

Christian counseling is there to close the gap left by family for those who are alone feel alone in the world because God says “You are never alone”. A Christian counselor or therapist plays a critical role of helping individuals cope with life’s challenges. Through Christian counseling including the church, God designed a place where Christians could gather for fellowship with one another. It is a simple knowledge that ‘you are because we are’ spirit of the communion of believers. Christian counseling is not limited for Christians only, nor will an attempt to convert any person into Christianity, however it is a definite fact that the bible is used for counseling. There are over 90 biblical scriptures about counseling which can be used to facilitate the process.

The role of Christian Counseling

There are various situations that may need counseling in the life of any ordinary human being such as a new phase or any unusual or dramatic change. These changes may come in the form of birth, loss and grief, trauma, anxiety, depression amongst others. While this change or shift occurs, the subject going through it, needs guidance, support and solace in the form of counseling to be able to trudge this path swiftly without leaving any unresolved issues hanging.

Christian Counseling for loss and grief

When an individual goes through grief, it is the time when they feel most alone with many answered questions. They may feel lost and also feel as though life is not worth it. During this time an individual may also have suicidal thoughts which when not noticed by a second person, may lead them to commit suicide. A Christian Counselor can be able to detect through counseling at what stage, the individual is in their grieving process. The counselor can be instrumental in recommending if further steps should be taken or if the condition of the griever is advanced and there is a need to see a therapist.

Through counseling, an individual is reminded that grief and loss are a part of life and that it is normal for people to pass on. It is also important at this stage that individuals are reminded that the person who has passed on is at peace as it says in the book of Ecclesiastes 9: “For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten”, as it of often the tendency for individuals grieving to feel that their loved ones may be suffering wherever they have gone to. Through Christian counseling, individuals are also reminded that grieving is normal part of loss and they should allow themselves to do so. In the book of Romans 28:8, the scriptures read: “All Things Work Together for Good, which provides a relevant message for loss in that “everything happens for the good of those who trust in the Lord”, to help a griever know that whatever happens, is for their good. Although at the peak of the grief, it may not make sense how loss can be for the good of those who passed away and those left behind, the thoughts serve a purpose of occupying the mind of the griever with something different to think about.

This specific verse of the Romans in the bible is usually used by Christian Counselors and Christian therapists to help mourners gain a different perspective when it comes to loss such as it is might be for a good reason that the person who passed did so because they were suffering beyond their ability to bear the pain. This also helps the mourner understand that the pain they are feeling could have been worse for the one whom they have lost if they still continued to live.

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