The Circle By Laura Day: An Approach for Manifesting Your Desired Destiny

The recently re-released “The Circle” by Laura Day encourages readers get in touch with their deepest wishes.

Once attuned to what goes on inside of themselves, they realize the power of the universe to help them achieve their goals.

Day offers readers a path to awaken dreams unrealized while also providing a path for attainment.

Making Wishes Equal Reality

According to Day, everyone possesses the ability to manifest their greatest dreams. In order to make wishes become the reality, Day encourages readers to enter the universal support of the circle. Her book thoroughly describes the theory behind the circular influence of the world, as well as the process for inviting this support into one’s very own life.

She takes a simplistic approach to her explanations, focusing more on the introspective experience of the reader as opposed to filling her pages with testimonials of the method’s effectiveness.

The Circle Approach is Elemental

Within her book, Day goes into detail to acquaint readers with the nine different elements included in her concept of the circle. Day groups these elements in sets of three under the headings Initiation, Apprenticeship, and Mastery.

Laura Day BooksThrough each of these sections, Day’s audience discovers the psychological and philosophical beliefs behind each element. These easily digestible sections of the book allow readers to take the process of the circle one step at a time, and to progress without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated.

As they learn the elements, readers have the option of performing specific meditations that bring further clarity to each of the ideas. According to Day, integrating the elements, exercises, and meditations into everyday living bring a variety of gifts to one’s life. These gifts include effectiveness, intuition, healing, and more.

A Workbook Provides Deeper Immersion into the Theories

The Circle By Laura Day with WorkbookDay released the first version of her bestselling book just prior to September 11, 2001. In its first edition, Day managed to bring her words to the world in a time of great need. This second edition also comes at a very pivotal time in history, when many people are striving to make significant changes to the world.

In this re-release of the book, Day includes a new workbook as a companion to her text. The workbook conveniently allows readers to actively participate with the teachings, putting the ways of the circle to use in a very physical manner.

Readers will find Day’s exercises both flexible and rewarding. Day categorizes the chapters of the workbook into daily, weekly, and anytime exercises for readers looking for structure with their work. However, freedom-seeking readers can rest assured that the exercises do not need to be completed in the set order for effectiveness.

The book asks for a great deal of self-reflection from the readers, but after sifting through the mental and emotional dust, Day makes it clear that positive changes are always possible.

Deep down, everyone wishes for something different in their lives. “The Circle” invites readers to look inside of themselves, and to trust in the rest of the world. Day offers readers the tools they need to work in harmony with themselves and others to manifest their best personal destinies.

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  1. laura day says:

    I love The Circle and it is the framework for all of my work. Thank you for the wonderful review. I look forward to seeing “How to Rule the World From Your Couch on this site.

    We do The Circle and “How to Rule the World From Your Couch every morning and evening on twitter lauradayintuit and on facebook as, using the community of energy makes everything, every change, the realization of every goal, so much easier. Why do it alone?

    Thank you for this review and for supporting our Circle.

    Love, Laura.

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