Learn How a Psychic Animal Communicator Can Find Lost Pets

By Shirley Scott

Finding a lost or missing animal is one of the hardest parts of being an animal communicator. I’d like to explain what happens when I’m trying to help someone locate a missing pet.

When someone calls and asks me to help find a missing pet, I send out telepathic messages to try and reach the pet. The problem with lost pets is they are usually on the run and in a panic. To get clear, precise pictures of where they are is hard because they’re sending pictures very quickly. This quick information is sometimes incomplete because they are in a state of survival and panic.

Another problem is that animals don’t know what numbers or letters mean and most animals are color-blind or don’t see colors. Another problem is if the animal is in the country and all I can see is a field. It maybe a field with cows in it and there could be a hundred of these fields in the same area. And if the animal has taken shelter under a barn or shed, I might only see the legs and feet of cows or sheep.

When a pet is on the run, they may show me pictures of where they have been because that’s where they found food or water or shelter. This can be helpful but many times because they are always on the move, by the time the owner gets locates the same place, the animal is long gone. It can be very frustrating for the owner as well as the animal communicator.

And sometimes pets are just out having a good time and they’ll show me pictures of them chasing birds or running in a field. Sometimes I’ll get messages that they’re getting ready to leave this dimension and pass on to the next and they want to do it their way. This is very hard for us to understand but many times an animal feels the need to just go off by themselves and die. This way they’re not putting any of their family in harm. Just like when an elephant leaves the herd because they are weak and are going to die. They do this to keep predators away from the herd and to die without passing the death energy on to any other elephant. Many of our pets have this build into their DNA and when they know it’s their time to leave, they do.

Humans need to remember that animals think differently than they do. When an animal is on the run, they are in a survival mode. They are just trying to stay out of danger and survive. This makes them do things we don’t and can’t understand.

I have people say, “well, why don’t they just come home?”

It’s because on the path back to home, there are many different smells, movements, other animals, other people and all kinds of things that’ll put them on the defensive and make them stray from the path home. They may be so afraid that they just find a dry, safe place and lay down.

This happened to me not long ago when I was helping a client find her cat. The cat was right across the street from her in a neighbors’ wood shed. The cat could hear her calling to him, but he was so afraid, he didn’t want to move. Even when she saw him and he saw her, he didn’t move. He waited for her to come over to him and pick him up and take him home. He had found a safe place and knew as long as he stayed there, he’d be fine. This is how animals think. They can reason but not like humans do.

And an animal communicator can only tell you what the animal is sending them. It could be very clear pictures or it may not be anything at all. When a communicator isn’t getting any messages from an animal, they need to talk to their spirit guides or try other messages from other animals. So there’s much more to finding a lost pet than just getting in touch with their energy and seeing where they are.

There can also be misinterpretations of messages. Animal communicators can only interpret what they think the animal is sending them. One time I was helping someone find a dog and I kept getting this picture of him being in a house with a wonderful lady. I told the owners that he was within a five mile radius.

They went to every house in this rural area but no one had seen the dog. When they called me back I still saw him in a house with a lady and I asked if they were sure they had gone to every house. They said they had, well almost all of them. There was an old abandon house about five miles from them but no one lived there. I told them to go to it.

They found the dog in the old house, hungry and tired but alive and well. When they asked me about the lady I had seen with the dog, I had to ask my spirit guide about it. As it turned out, it was an angel and the dog was just relaying to me what he was seeing. The angel looked like a lady that was watching over him and keeping him safe.

So animal communicators can only report on what they see. And if too many energies or messages come in at one time, it can be confusing for the communicator and the pet. That’s why it’s best to have no more than one or two communicators working on the same lost pet. The pet can get bombarded with telepathic messages from strangers and become even more confused and may shut down. The best thing an owner can do is to just stay calm and start sending the pet telepathic messages about coming home.

I’ve found that if the owner sends messages to the pet, the pet will calm down and many times find its way home. Because your pet already knows your thoughts and energy, he is getting familiar messages that will help him to think more clearly. This means the owner is telepathically calling the pet’s name and showing them the house and other familiar things. You can send them pictures of loving them or their favorite toy. You can ask the other animals in the house to send them messages too. Get everyone in the house involved. And when you do this, you may even get a message back from your pet telling you where they are.

I hope this will help you understand what an animal communicator has to go through to truly get a picture or message from a lost pet. The best advice I can give humans is to pay more attention to what their pets are doing, where they’re going and to keep them from getting lost, have a collar on them with their name, your name and at least a phone number.

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