Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend: When Laughter Beats the Stress

One the most effective ways to fight stress is laughter. Humor, jokes, funny bumper stickers or a good laugh can make you forget or reevaluate the most gloomy and stressful moments. It has been scientifically proven that laughter helps to alleviate physical and emotional pain. Even doctors tell us to keep our spirits high, to laugh more, and we will be healthier and heal faster. Watching comedies, telling jokes, reading humorous books, and of course using essential oils, will improve your daily life.

It’s easy to see why laughter is so important in our lives. It is amazingly contagious. When you are bubbling and sparkling with good energy, everything becomes easier and you attract people with a similar spirit as yours.

You can start improving your life today with this invigorating aromatic blend:


  • 7 ml Orange essential oil
  • 3 ml of Rosemary essential oil
  • 5 drops lemon essential oil
  • Vegetable oil

Pour the essential oils into a 10-ml bottle and incorporate into your unscented shower gel and/or body lotion. Add 10 drops to a cotton ball and leave in your car ashtray or on your desk.

Fill a 10-ml bottle with vegetable oil and add 15 drops of your aromatic blend. Breathe it deeply as needed throughout the day by pouring 3 drops in the palm of your hands. Massage your neck and forearms (the most accessible part of the body when you work).

By Françoise Rapp

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