A Bottle Nose Dolphin Story: Telepathic Communication Leads to Swimming with Wild Dolphins

By Shirley Scott

Several years ago I was in Mexico on a spiritual retreat. It was my first retreat and I was with 20 people that I hadn’t known until then. We’d all come to this small island just off the coast of Mexico in hopes of learning more about the power of the Universe and to swim with the wild bottle-nosed dolphins.

As we talked to the local people on the first day of our 7-day retreat, we were told that we’d come the wrong time of the year to swim with the dolphins. They had already migrated and wouldn’t return for at least another eight to ten weeks.

At first we were disappointed but then one of the people in our group said, “What are we so down about? All we have to do is pick a day that we want to swim with the dolphins and ask them telepathically to meet us on that day. We can make this work if we put our minds together and work at it.”

Everyone thought for a moment and knew it would work if we had no doubts about it. We decided that Wednesday would be the day we would ask the bottle nosed dolphins to meet us. We started the telepathic communication on the Sunday that we arrived on the island and continued right up to Wednesday morning.

The local people on the island heard about what we were doing and thought we were nuts. Some even thought we might be witches. They laughed at us and the looks we got were out of this world. The local people kept telling us that there was no way we would even see a bottle nosed dolphin that time of year let alone swim with any of them. But we just kept asking and sending telepathic messages.

Finally Wednesday morning came and we were all excited about going snorkeling in the clear waters of the Caribbean. Two boats arrived with our guides and twelve of us were ready to go. We divided into two groups of six each and got into the boats. Each boat had two local guides that would take us to the best places to snorkel and see the reefs and colorful fish.

We started out at the far end of the island and worked our way down one side and rounded the far tip of the island. By late afternoon we were on the other side of the island and all that lay before us was the open ocean. It had been a long day of swimming and most of the people wanted to go back to our rooms for food and rest.

For some reason I asked our guides to stop for a minute and point the boat out to sea. I knew I was feeling energy coming my way but I couldn’t see anything. Then from out of nowhere, the people in the other boat let out a scream. I looked past them and saw something swimming toward us.

The guides in our boat yelled something in Spanish and headed the boat toward whatever was coming our way. Then just as they stopped the motor, several bottle nosed dolphins surfaced. I jumped into the water without my mask or snorkel.

I found myself in water that was so clear I could see the bottom of the ocean far below me and I was sure it had to be at least a mile deep. I started dog paddling as I yelled for my mask and saw it flying through the air at me. I grabbed it and put it on just as one bottle nosed dolphin swam near me.

The dolphin came so close I was sure if I reached out with my arm and hand I could have touched him. It was a great temptation to swim toward him but I just treaded water with my arms at my side.

(I must put this note in here. You should never reach for any animal. An opened hand coming their way is a sign of aggression and will put any animal, especially a wild animal, into a survival mode and they may attack. Always let the animal come to you and put your hand by your side with the palm up.)

Anyway, the dolphin was just out my reach, as he looked me right in the eye. Then another one swam by just like the first one had. They circled me again and as they did, I felt the sonar and gazed into their large black eyes. I felt like I was floating about a foot above the water. They circled me again and I realized just how big these wonderful creatures were. I felt like a very small fish in the ocean. The sonar they were doing on me was the most wonderful feeling I’d ever felt. I seemed to be caught in a time warp and I understood what a sacred moment this was. I was bonding with two wild dolphins.

Then just as I was about to relax and enjoy another round with them, they dove into the depths of the ocean and were gone. I looked into the deep clear water, but I saw nothing except white sand far below me.

I was a little disappointed as I started swimming back to the boat. I would have liked this magical moment to last a little longer. I was just about to climb back into the boat when I heard something surface behind me. I turned to see the two dolphins again. They slapped their tails on the surface of the water and were gone in a blink of an eye.

I crawled back into the boat exhausted but happy. My body was tingling from the sonar of the dolphins and I tried to hang on to it as long as I could. The other people in the boat hadn’t jumped in but one had counted how many dolphins arrived to greet us. Twelve – 12 dolphins had shown up. How did they know that there was going to be twelve people in the boats that day? We didn’t even know how many people were going until the last minute.

It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and it made me understand just how powerful our thoughts are. When we got back to our base camp, the word of our adventure spread on the island like wild fire. The local people came to hear our story and we were the hit of the island the rest of the week.

Oh, and each of my guides got a ten dollar tip from me because they took me out to the dolphins so quickly. It was worth every penny, in fact the next year I went to Hawaii and swam with the spinner dolphins in the wild. There were over fifty dolphins in one pod. When they turned their sonar on me, I thought I was flying.

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