Celebrating the Goddesses – The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue celebrate the goddesses across the cultures. There are 44 cards in the deck, each depicting a goddess from a wide range of belief systems and spiritual paths. The goddesses bring a personal daily message regarding life path, relationships, physical health, emotional health, career and finances. Each message is specific to the traits of that goddess.

For example, Kuan Yin, sometimes spelled Quan Yin, is one of the thirty three Chinese translation of the Lotus Sutra (seven are female) and the goddess of compassion for Buddhists all over the world. As early as the 9th century there were statues of the white robed goddess in every Buddhist monastery. Her white lotus flower is a symbol of purity and as a statue she is often depicted surrounded by children and small animals, much like her male Roman Catholic counterpart, St. Francis of Assisi. To draw her card would signal the need for forgiveness on your part, or, depending on the spread, compassionate outcome.

Another example is the card depicting the Celtic Irish goddess Brigit (sometimes spelled “Bridget,” or “Bride” in Scotland; “Brigandu” if you are a Celtic living in France) who was so loved by the Irish that when they converted to Christianity they took her with them, canonizing her and claiming that she was baptized in human form by St. Patrick himself. To draw her card is to channel the power of the earth and all of feminine humanity; remember your inner strength and draw from it during hard times.

The guide book for the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards is easy reading for both the beginner and the long time card reader. You could easily spend hours just looking at the beautiful deck and reading about each goddess as the guidebook contains a message from each goddess, general information about the card and its placement in the deck, including the history, tradition, and characteristics of each goddess lovingly depicted in the gilt-edged deck. The only noticeable drawback is that the deck is but one of the many decks Virtue has churned out, trivializing it by setting the deck along side such decks as “The Unicorn” deck and of course, her beloved Angels and Fairies. More importantly, there are no “dark” goddesses, such as Persephone or Hecate personified. Still, the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck is a great tool to meditate on for an hour.

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