Part Two: How Telepathy Works

By Shirley Scott

Humans used telepathy everyday until we learned how to talk, then write, and now we have phones, email, and many other ways to keep in touch with each other. Because we use these other forms of communication more, we have been re-programmed to ignore telepathy as a way of communication even though it’s faster than any other form of communication we have.

But the good news is – telepathy is alive and well if we just acknowledge it. It’s a built in communication system we can’t get rid of no matter how hard we try! Telepathy is the basic communication for all animals and humans if we don’t block it. As science is proving, everything on Earth has its own energy vibration or frequency. Every color, sound and living being has its own vibration. If you have a piano and a guitar sitting next to each other and you hit the “C” cord or string on either of them, the other one will start to vibrate because both C cords or strings have the same vibration. So when you’re thinking of Uncle Fred, you are really thinking of his energy pattern. This energy leaves you in a very focused way and starts looking for its destination or match. Because Uncle Fred’s energy pattern and your thought pattern of him are the same frequency, they meet easily and can make the connection. Just like the power lines that bring electricity into your home.

And the human body and mind is so vast and wonderful that we can pick up this energy and not even know it. We can pick up someone else’s bad mood or good mood just from their energy can’t we? So when I’m doing a reading on a person or animal, I’m really reading their energy pattern. So when you are thinking about Uncle Fred, your thought pattern of him and the energy around him is the same frequency and they meet easily and make a connection. Just like the power lines that bring electricity into your home. Telepathy is an invisible power line. But like electric power, you can’t plug something that’s 120 volts into a 240 volt plug in and expect it to work. This is why we all have our own vibration.

So when I’m reading someone and they ask me about someone in their life, I actually go through their energy thought form of that other person first to make sure I’m connecting with the right person. An example of this would be if you asked me how your Uncle Fred was. There has to be a thousand Uncle Fred’s in this world so I’d go through your thought of him, the energy you are sending me of your Uncle Fred and then I’d send that energy out to him and connect.

When I’m reading a person or animal, I’m getting in touch with their energy so they can transmit pictures and thoughts to me like a TV does. I’m literally getting in touch with their space. I’m also listening to my spirit guide along with the messages I get from the animal or a human. So remember, whatever your thoughts are and whomever they are pointed at will receive them whether they’re consciously aware or not.

We need to remember that all of our thoughts become energy and as we think them and from their the energy forms pictures. This is how it works. These pictures or energy is always pointed at someone or something, just like electricity flowing through a line. So it flows out of our brain, which is the beginning power source to charge the unseen protons, electrons and the like and heads toward the person it’s pointed at. When it finds that person, which usually takes only a matter of seconds, it lands right on them. Any negative thoughts can hurt them – like if we are thinking they’re a pain in the neck, they may absorb our thoughts and get one.

The energy finds it’s destination by matching the energy frequency in your thought pattern with this object.

Because we get programmed to ignore telepathy as a way of communication, our pets get left out of our lives and we can’t seem to join them in theirs. This is why it’s so important to at least have some understanding of telepathy. Once we understand how animals communicate, we can start understanding why they do what they do and if they have any issues we can help them with. This is why it is wonderful to consciously work to develop your telepathy understanding to assist in relating to your pets, and other human beings. Listening has a lot to do with it.

Animals can’t talk like we do, but they do have many of the same natural communication skills we do if we just watch and listen to them. You noticed I said listen. As an animal communicator, I have learned to listen to the animals more than talking to them. Watching and listening are the two most important things you can do when you are communicating with animals.

Animals communicate without filters just like we used to do when we were babies. When we were babies and were hungry, we’d cry and send a telepathic message to our mothers. Mom would get the message and feed us. Babies and pets are also alike in the fact that when they want your attention, they want it NOW!

We, as babies, don’t mask our thoughts, needs or emotions. But as we grow, we are taught to hide them. That’s how we learn NOT to listen to our inner voice or self. We start listening to everyone around us and we stop listening to that inner voice that tells us what we need and who we are. So we start hiding our true feelings and since feelings are energy, they start getting stuck in our energy system. When this happens, we can get diseases or aches and pains that we don’t understand or wonder where they came from.

We let our brain build up with thoughts of what happened ten years ago or what might happen in the future until we can’t think about the present. Many of us do this kind of thinking when we’re driving instead of paying attention to the present and our driving. Then we get into an accident and wonder why or how it happened. When we aren’t thinking about what we are doing, we lose that moment forever.

This type of thinking is using our energy in a non-productive way because we’re missing what is happening in the present moment. And to really use our natural telepathic ability, we have to be in the present moment.

So start becoming aware of your thoughts and actions and see if you can live in the present moment for more than a few seconds. It’s a wonderful place and has much more to offer you than the past or the future. Have fun playing with mental telepathy and follow up when you feel you should call someone and see what happens.

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