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Resource Review: “Reiki Revolution” by Katharina Van Gend

Contrary to its title, this book isn’t about Reiki – well, not exactly. The subtitle says it all, “A Step-by-Step Guide and Inspiration to Successful Reiki Training.” Actually, this book is like a banquet for nourishing students who are in training to practice any of the healing arts. It just so happens that Van Gend most often trains candidates in Reiki.

The book, she says, “is designed specifically for Reiki masters who want to give their candidates a rich and memorable training experience.” Although she doesn’t use the term Poetry Therapy, the author has compiled just such a resource for anyone interested in using the literary arts to give their trainings an added dimension.

Van Gend is a Reiki Master as well as a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master. Among the resources she has collected are metaphorical stories, poems, and neurolinguistic techniques that combine cognitive and physical activity. This resource also includes guidance for maintaining compassion, composure, and confidence in situations where trainees become overwhelmed by emotion. There is guidance for writing powerful affirmations and a quick look at the Chakra system. Because she also has a background in hypnotherapy, there are also instructions for inducing a light trance state, which Van Gend has found useful for listening and getting the most from stories and poems.

The organizing principle, which is the flavor that underlies this otherwise loosely organized book, is trust for each person’s process. For instance, when Van Gend offers the inspirational folk stories or poems, she instructs the reader never to offer an interpretation. The whole point of integrating the arts into your training is to quicken the power of your students’ subconscious, not give them your own spin.

Similarly, if a student or candidate become emotional during the training, the reader is not to begin to play therapist. Instead, remind the candidate that all feelings are a part of healing and growth, and quietly suggest to the candidate that s/he might allow this processing to continue tonight during peaceful sleep.

Think of “Reiki Revolution” as a smorgasbord of stories, poems, and techniques that you can integrate into the training you already do. To take home everything offered, all at once, might leave you overfull. But every time you conduct a training, you can return to this buffet and try different nourishing treats until you find your favorites.

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