Reiki: An Energy Healing Therapy

Energy Healing and Therapy Technique Book Reviews on :

  1. ” Revolution” by Katharina Van Gend
  2. “Simple for Self Healing” by Stephanie Brail
  3. “Radical – Radical Life in Ultimate Package” by CT Conroy and JA Conroy
  4. Chikara-reiki-Do: The Way of Strength and Power Through

Free Mini Course where you can learn the Symbols and the potential to unlock the energy in your seven different Chakra centers to start you on the path of learning the basics of energy healing as a therapy technique.

  1. : Security and Safety – Root Chakra: Part 1
  2. : Pleasure, Fun and Creativity – Sacral Chakra: Part 2
  3. : Giving and Receiving – Solar Plexus Chakra: Part 3
  4. : Love – Heart Chakra: Part 4
  5. : Communication and Expression – Throat Chakra: Part 5
  6. : Intuitive, Knowing, and Focussing – Third Eye Chakra: Part 6
  7. : Divine Love – Crown Chakra: Part 7

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Articles by Erica Rock ( Practitioner and Creator of “Ride the Waves of ,” Meditation CD)

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