Reiki: Security and Safety – Root Chakra: Part 1

We truly hope you enjoy our 7-part mini-course on how to use Reiki Energy Healing Therapy to unlock the latent potential of your seven energy centers.

Now, as you’ve probably guessed already, each of the seven parts of this series will concentrate on just one of your energy centers (also known as Chakras).

So, hopefully, by part-seven of this series you will have gained a much fuller understanding of the potential of Reiki, and also an inkling of the potential hidden in your chakras.

Part One – Security and Safety.

Whatever it is in life, it’s always best to start in at the very beginning. That way you gain the most out of every single event.

Now, not only is this true for almost everything you’ll come across in life, but it’s doubly true with Reiki. So, let’s…

Start in on the ground floor level and work our way up to a greater understanding of… life, the universe and all who sail in her.

Okay then, you probably already know, and have maybe even experienced first hand yourself, that:-

You are, indeed, a three-part being (body, mind and spirit) and all the parts are inter-connected. You cannot touch on one level without touching and affecting the other levels too.

Now, bearing this in mind, we are going to try and simplify things – starting at the bottom – literally.

The area at the base of the spine, which includes the rectal area, is the rough position of your 1st Chakra… and it resonates to the color red.

You can do a couple of practical things to energise this area. like wearing red underwear; eating red foods like tomatoes, red peppers, radishes, beetroot etc. And you can also…

Use your Reiki.

Simply lie in bed at night and activate the appropriate symbol on both of your palms. Rest your hands on your abdomen, and beam the energy through to the base of your spine.You could also place both hands, palm up, in the area of your coccyx so that you are actually lying on them. But you’ll probably find this becomes too uncomfortable after only a few minutes…

So, as the whole thing is to be comfortable enough to drift off to sleep whilst allowing the energy to run – the first method is probably the best one to adopt.

How will you feel when you wake up?

More grounded, relaxed and happy. Why?

Because this area is all to do with feelings of safety and security – no matter what the actual words safety and security may personally mean to you.

For you, it may mean something simple like having lots of food in the cupboard in

case of disaster. Or it may be more complex like having several million dollars in the bank.

It really doesn’t matter. For you see…

When you relax and trust the universe to take care of you, it no longer becomes such a scary place to be.

You begin to realise that just for today – you have a roof over your head, food on the table and a couple of dollars in your pocket.

Life is great…all your primary needs are being met.

Eventually you will also begin to realise that you have always managed to provide these things for yourself.

Yes, sometimes it may have just been by the skin of your teeth, but you are still here. You managed it.

And there’s no real reason to think this will ever stop.

Running the Reiki energy through this Chakra will help open you up to this understanding…

Allowing you to trust in yourself and the universe.

Any issue in your life that makes you feel insecure can be dealt with by using Reiki. Whether it’s:

  • Redundancy
  • Retirement
  • Relationship break up
  • Threat of war
  • Abandonment
  • Supermarket closure
  • Loneliness
  • Natural disasters
  • Pregnancy
  • Falling out with a friend
  • Debt
  • Death of a relativ
  • etc. etc. etc.

Sending Reiki through your base chakra, as described above, will help to balance these feelings, any feelings, of insecurity you may have.

Just send Reiki and know the issue will be resolved for your highest good, and the highest good of all concerned…

Then comes the hard part – trust in the outcome.

Even if, right now, a negative solution seems to be presenting itself.

Just continue to trust.

For in a few short weeks you will almost certainly be looking back, thinking, ‘If things hadn’t happened exactly like they did, it just wouldn’t have been right’.

Sometimes, though, when you’re in the middle of what seems to be an enormous problem, and you’re beginning to doubt yourself…

And feelings of insecurity are rampant. Don’t face it alone. Enlist some divine help…

But don’t settle for second best, (angels and fairies etc) go right to the top.

Ask God.

Get out your pen and paper and write a letter to God:

Dear God,

I’ve done all I can do about (whatever the problem is). Will you please do the rest.


Now, draw your Reiki symbols on the letter, put it somewhere safe… and forget about it – the problem we mean.

Because it will soon be sorted.

This method works…

It works by literally and symbolically putting the problem to one side, and gently removing you from the picture.

Ready for another hard part?

Leave it alone.

If you catch yourself worrying – STOP. God is sorting it, and if God can’t sort it, it’s a pretty poor do. Trust in the outcome…

It’ll be for your highest good – because that was what you intended.

So, use your Reiki Energy Healing as a great therapy tool to help with all your issues of insecurity, and work on building this solid foundation of trust.

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This energy healing therapy mini course is written by husband and wife team, Judith & Chris Conroy. To learn more about Reiki, please click > Reiki Master Tuition Cost Information

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