East Indian Gemstone Jewelry: Remedy for Guru – Jupiter

Gemstones and jewerly based on the Vedic system help utilize the benefical energies found in Jupiter. Western and Eastern astrologers consider Jupiter to be the great benefit. Most of the planets effects are positive and for the most part the influences leads to positive effects almost exclusively. When Jupiter is malefic it is usually only temporary and most times it is due to the influence of another planet. Propitiating Jupiter bears almost no risk as compared to wearing a gemstone for some of the other planets such as Saturn or Mars.

A concise explanation of his associations and areas of influence follows along with some more specific information on Indiam astrology gemstone remedies.


More so than any other planet, Jupiter is associated with traditional religion. Specifically, Jupiter is associated with ritual and all the trappings and observances necessary in most organized religions. Jupiter seems to have an attachment to form and a case could be made that bureaucracies are under his domain.

Jupiter rules the fat of the body and most traditional representations show him as a rotund and jovial man. Discipline is an influence of Jupiter as well as chastity and other such activities derived by discipline.

Teaching and the dispensation of knowledge are influenced by Jupiter as well as those institutions supporting such activities. Jupiter is able to bestow blessings on the seeker and the student seeking illumination and the appearance of teachers or a guru is considered to be by his favor.

The Swan and the Pigeon are under the domain of Jupiter as well as the Horse and Elephant. The food traditionally associated with him is Chickpeas, which has a special place in many cultures and religions.


Guru, Jeeva, Angirasa, Suraguru, Mantri Vachaspati, Arya, Brihaspati, Suri and Vageesh. Guru is the most common name for Jupiter.


Jupiter is associated with wisdom, religion and education primarily. Jupiter is known to be modest and polite. Areas of influence include religions, temples, universities, oils, fats, sugar, sweet things, judges or authority figures and priests.


Legend has it that Jupiter was born from the fire god Angiras. Many have also associated him with Vishnu.

Northeast is considered to be the direction of Jupiter. He gains strength in the East.

Jupiter is known as the teacher of the immortals and in many ways he is the leader of the Devas. He has had a long feud with Venus according to legend.

The 16th year is considered the age at which Jupiter shows his full effects. Many religions use this age as the beginning of initiation.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces and he is debilitated in Capricorn, which is ruled by his rival Saturn.

Without exception Jupiter is considered the greatest benefic of any of the planets.

Thursday is considered to be the day special to Jupiter and when seeking his aid it is best to do so on this particular day.

Yellow is known as the color of Jupiter as well as the metal Gold with its yellowish hue. Since the discovery of Platinum it has been considered his chosen metal.

Friends of Jupiter are the Moon, Mars and the Sun while his enemy is considered Mercury. Saturn is known to be neutral.

Jupiter is associated with the Ether using the older table of elements. Most modern versions refer to this element as Space.

The Ayurvedic dosha Kapha is always associated with Jupiter.


Protection, benevolence, affluence, astrology, councilors, advisors, religion, piety, teachers, traditional beliefs, judges, children, guardianships, charity, generosity, contentment, laziness, body fat, excess of all types, expansion, devotion, faith, hope, knowledge, fairness, justice, honesty, grace, lawfulness, peace, morality, tradition, insurance, safety, medicine, physicians, optimism, opulence, rituals, sacrifice, philosophy, pilgrimages, priests, reputation, trust, all religious literature.


A gemstone remedy for Jupiter is usually a good idea. His stone is considered to be Yellow Sapphire with Yellow Topaz being an alternative. Always look for a stone with a brighter yellow if possible and never choose one with a blemish of any type. The metal for Jupiter is considered to be Platinum. Therefore, use Platinum as a setting if possible. Gold seems to be the metal of choice before the discovery of Platinum and it makes a fine setting as well.

A remedy using gemstones and jewelry based on Vedic system for Jupiter can influence the following: obesity, liver diseases, problems with children or teachers, education issues, difficulties in having children, overconfidence, overindulgence, extravagance, immorality and greed.

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