Keiser Career College in Miami Lakes, Florida

Choosing the right location for your massage courses is so important.

If you are considering attending one of the southern Florida massage therapy schools, check out Keiser Career College located in Miami Lakes.

You can locate the campus at: 17395 NW 57th Avenue, Miami Lakes, FL 33015.

Keiser Career College is a great school to learn all the techniques you will need whether you want to open your own practice or work in one of the exciting workplaces open to graduates in massage therapy. You can choose to work at hotels, spas, salons, physical rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, doctor’s officers, aboard cruise ships and in sports centers.

The already high demand for trained professionals is expected to continue increasing over the next few years, making this not only a personally satisfying career choice, but a lucrative choice as well ensuring job security.

Complimentary information is easy to obtain to learn about classes, and the industry. By visiting the link provided below and entering your information the school will quickly reply offering answers to your important questions. You can learn about both their massage programs should you choose to earn an Associates Degree, or attend their Florida massage diploma program.

Click here to learn more > Keiser Career College located in Miami Lakes, Florida


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