European impotence: Leftist destruction of the most beautiful continent through migration chaos

Each of us feel a moral duty to help fleeing migrants, particularly if the reason they are fleeing relates to western actions within their countries. But when we help them at the cost of our own security – and in such a way that we put their needs above that of our own citizens, it becomes a distorted and twisted situation that will cause smart talent to leave Europe for places like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. People like Guy Verhofstadt and Angela Merkel do play some positive role within the EU, particularly with regards to opposing British extremism, fuelled by Brexit. But if we look at HOW migration is mismanaged in Europe – and how Belgium, Germany and stooges of George Soros attempt to mistreat Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic – then it is possible that we would become sympathetic even, to the Brexiteers in the UK.

Let’s look at problems with unmanaged EU migration and some potential solutions

Problem: Harsh tax treatment of own citizens but “no rules” for migrant vendors.


In Spain and Italy, any local citizen seeking to run a small business, is taxed to death – many of them do not even have the will to attempt self employment or entrepreneurship for this reason. On the other hand, dangerous migrants from Africa are FLOODING the beaches of Italy, Spain and Greece. When I asked the police in Marbella: Why do you let these people do business, selling fake items without paying taxes? Their answer was that firstly, if they don’t allow these folks to do business, they would turn to violence and robbery, as if the cops in Spain were ever scared? Secondly, they said that politicians are all corrupt and cops get a low salary. They did not imply that cops get a tip from these migrants to turn a blind eye – but that could be one explanation as to why these migrant vendors are allowed by Spanish and Italian authorities to sell things anywhere they like. Enough is enough: It is common to get harassed up to 15 times during your restaurant meal in Benalmadena, Palma Mallorca, Rome or Viareggio. What you WILL see in Italy & Spain is the police pulling over law abiding poorer citizens to fine them for anything you can imagine. So essentially, they are acting strongly against the week and weakly against the strong!


Problem: Lack of security vetting and integration:

We in Europe want to help the Syrians who suffer – but there are thousands of Pakistani and Afghan Jihadists who embed themselves among these people, arriving without passports. Many have the aim to rape and carry out a war of attrition to get back at us for what was done to their countries, and to carry out crazy religious ideas of Jihad. In Germany they were not vetted – and now we want to FORCE Poland, Czech republic & Hungary to accept this risk. Crazy! Besides security we also have cases where people do not want to integrate: who would want to integrate and be educated if you can simply start a business with an unfair advantage without paying taxes?

Problem: Lack of direct democracy related to migration:

The citizens of Europe never got to vote on whether they want to accept these unvetted migrants from mainly muslim countries. The right thing to do, would be to recognize the results of referendums on the matter – this is precisely what Mr. Victor Orban is doing in Hungary.

We have so many Spanish and Greek people working for less than 700 Euros per month, with millions of Italians earning less than 1000 Euros per month. The vote of these people count. They do not have the money to live behind huge walls. The pope on the other hand – and Soros, are living behind huge walls – from where it is easy to advocate “openness and acceptance” to all.


If George Soros cares about Europe and migrants, he would put his money where is mouth is and do something credible. Instead, he is financing half hearted people like Guy Verhofstadt and the group “Stand up for Europe” which will only destroy Europe. We do not know if George Soros thinks that a greater Israel can only happen when Europe is destroyed? It is indeed possible to achieve other geographical aims without wrecking Europe!

The key issue in Europe is this: The people advocating the acceptance of unmanaged mass migration, are not the ones who will face the negative security consequences. As usual, it would be the poor and middle classes who will pay the price. Those advocating the chaos, only seek to profit from higher volumes of cheap groceries and consumer goods, which migrants will consume in Europe, rather than in their own countries.

So how can we really help migrants? What are the solutions?

  1. Stop messing up their countries – and provide support there before they enter
  2. Help them to integrate into Europe but vet them for security purposes
  3. Consider the fairness of actions and strike a balance between migrant needs and those Europeans who are currently facing hardship after a long recession.

Solving the migrant crisis is not easy. But Europe needs to wake up and protect what is beautiful and dear before they lose it forever. Impotence will lead to irreversible consequences.

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