The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind by Barbara Hand Clow

Bear & Company are the publishers of The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind.

If you are one of the people who feel like time is speeding up, or are intrigued by the 2012 Mayan Calendar predictions, Clow’s latest book may be of great interest.

Many feel that the world as we know it is changing and we are seeing the signs around us.

Take a moment to learn more about Barbara Hand Clow’s latest book, by reading Curtis’ in depth review.

Healing a Wounded Planet

Picture of Barbara Hand ClowBarbara Hand Clow, author of more than a dozen books and DVDs, has taken the revelations espoused by Carl Johann Calleman in his book The Mayan Calendar (which I reviewed previously) to another extraordinary level.

Clow, a gifted practitioner, teacher and proponent of what may be called the intuitive arts, weaves together a fantastic cosmic tale from many threads; her own insights as a Mayan Elder and Cherokee Record Keeper, meditations and ceremony at Mayan Temples and other power spots, shared wisdom from a wide range of researchers, Shamans, Medicine People and elders, and some startling anomalous scientific data.

Her efforts reveal quite a rich tapestry, covering the breadth of a universe wide drama and millennia long passion play of the human species.

Clow borrows Calleman’s elaborate reconstruction of the intricate Mayan calendar to discern a pattern, or more precisely an interweaving of patterns, frequencies, tones that build upon themselves like a fractal symphonic chord to a crescendo on or about 2011/2012 (the precise date still remains unresolved apparently).

A Grand Divine Plan

Divine LightWhat we see in the patterns is a grand cosmic rhythm or “divine plan” sweeping the planet and each one of us with waves of ever quickening evolution. In the case of mankind the evolution of consciousness, starting around 5,000 years ago with the “sudden” dawn of advanced civilization and writing, is the theme of the Mayan Long Count/National Underworld-August 13, 3115 BCE to November 28, 2011 (or December 21, 2012).

However there’s a planetary kink in the smooth ride on this divine surf and it hinges on the question, why are extant ancient, now sacred, calendars based upon a 360 day year?

Clow posits that at the time these sacred calendars were created the earth year actually was 360 days, during a period of what she calls “The Global Maritime Civilization”. “I will explore the possibility that some people adopted horticulture, even early agriculture, and possibly built maritime cities twenty thousand years ago, and that the previous harmony was lost as a result of weather and earth changes that began over twelve thousand years ago.”

Citing evidence from science historian D. S. Allan and geologist/astronomer J. B. Delair in their 1997 book Cataclysm!, Clow asserts “that fragments from the Vela supernova came into the solar system and struck the earth’s magnetosphere”. “The earth’s lithosphere was dislocated both vertically and horizontally, and tectonic plates formed that caused the planet to become a polyhedron of twenty faces-an icosahedron”.

I looked this up and it is possible to designate twenty pieces from a scientific map of major and secondary tectonic plates. “This really caught my eye because in Cherokee tradition, Earth science is called ‘turtle medicine’ and turtle shells have twenty plates. I’m sure this is an ancient memory of the shattering of our planet.”

Beginnings of Humanity’s History of Violence

Atom Bomb Mushroom CloudThe powerful central theme of The Mayan Code is that suppression of this ancient race memory is a fundamental cause of our history of violence and domination especially in the name of various sky gods.

Immanuel Velikovsky, in his posthumously published book Mankind in Amnesia, asserted that as long as mankind suppressed these memories of cosmic catastrophes, we are doomed to play them out with wars, genocides and mass murders much like a mental patient plays out suppressed rape or abuse trauma with anti-social behavior.

If a powerful blast from an exploding supernova could have literally knocked a relatively advanced human race into a dark state of groveling for carrion and hiding in caves, slowing the orbit of the planet thus lengthening the year by 5 days, could it have also tilted its axis 23º off vertical?

Scientists have determined the earth’s solid core rotates faster than the crust and perpendicular to the sun’s ecliptic. Are we as a planet and race out of whack with the heart of our own planet, the rhythmic pulse of the Mayan calendar, with the elegant pirouettes of galaxies and grace filled dance of the cosmos?

Buddhist Reformer Nichiren

Picture of NichirenIn 13th century Japan, the prophet and Buddhist reformer Nichiren remonstrated with his own government, presenting a detailed treatise, On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land, in which he asserted the people and nation of Japan (and by extension the world) would continue to suffer natural, supernatural, and man made calamities as long as they held incorrect or incomplete views of life. The implications of this thesis are enormous; the inner conditions of humans are reflected in the environment. To correct the inner being is to pacify the world.

“It is time to realize that we evolved beyond being monkeys and simple hominids for a reason.” Consciousness is causal, and rapidly evolving consciousness has swift and powerful creative effects. Getting in touch with nature is more than new age babble, it is a spark dimly lighting a great path whereby our collective efforts to right the planet can and will attract allies.

The pre-flood, pre-catastrophe race knew about synchrony with the earth, the Milky Way galaxy, the cosmos. They knew it as naturally as you and I know how to breathe.

pic-mayan-code-clowSome among us are in touch with teachers from ancient wisdom schools. More and more of us are cultivating this ability, perhaps not as spectacularly as Barbara Hand Clow, but sufficiently enough to join the chorus. “I now have a profound level of trust for what each one of us knows inside.” In our heart of hearts we are tapping into a way to live proactive and conscious without fear reactivity. “Maya shamans . . . were looking back to the creation events, and they elucidated the timing of our unfolding until now.” Perhaps there really are no accidents and we truly are Bodhisattvas from the earth with an as yet incomprehensible mission; wounded healers of the heavens.

“The end of the Mayan Calendar is about each person moving back into proportional relationship with nature as Keepers of Earth.”

Click to learn more about Barbara Hand Clow’s book > The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind

Curtis McCoscoWriter, photographer, raconteur, Curtis McCosco fled from academia to further his education in Haight-Ashbury and the streets of Hollywood. He’s worked as a furniture maker, Moviola repairman, documentary film maker, Motown tech, carpenter, masseur, and explores the the worlds of indigenous wisdom and shamanism, Hermetic occultism, remote viewing, history, politics and the evolution of consciousness, all from a Buddhist perspective. You can find more of his writing on his blog,


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7 Responses

  1. Franceso W. D. says:

    Grace and peace. I’m happy that you guys are working on it . Sorry to tell you that I do not think this will happen. I believe it has an end but not so fast.

  2. ashoksingh says:

    Hi, my heart is saying that it could be possible that our world is going to be end on 21, December 2012. So I am getting prepared for that and enjoying my life fully for rest of the time that is left. So my request is that you get prepared, and enjoy life fully because life is less and work is more.

  3. (Ms.) Dhara W. says:

    It is a time of choosing to either go on to the higher path being offered by graduating with the Earth to the 4th and 5th dimensions. We are returning to the awareness of who we are, made possible by the anchoring of our Bodies of Light and our missing 10-Helix DNA. The choosing may be fairly soon but the changes, I believe, could take a few centuries to complete. In short, our DNA is evolving back to its original design that which we enjoyed before the ‘fall’ in consciousness to the 12-Helix (light filaments) DNA.

  4. M dog says:

    Well, in my opinion I think it is a possibility. I hope it doesn’t end then, that’s the year I graduate, and I haven’t even really started living life yet.

  5. Qasim says:

    But, my opinion is different. I think there is nothing that can happen without the permission of Allah.
    If they calculate any thing, they can because calculation never ends. But the order can change the calculation and the situations. There is nothing in long discussion. Only the great mighty, the only one God Allah that does everything.

  6. Elaine H. says:

    The Mayan calendar loops time with the Harmonic Convergence 12/12/2012 loops back to 5/27/2010. I used the Mayan calendar calculator that looped the dates, back and forth between now and 2012 at This calculator is where you can enter any dates and see what comes up. Time loops at certain dates.Enter the dates of Harmonic Convergences, its interesting.

  7. Elaine H. says:

    2012 in interesting by 2020 has to be the date to look forward to 2020 vision, Total Vision.

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