The Total Transformation Program by James Lehman MSW

The Total Transformation Program (A Parent’s Program for Managing Challenging Behaviors in Children) is a motivating, action oriented program filled with hope.

Many parents struggle with their children’s behaviors and are left feeling helpless and out of control; this program gives you the tools to turn the struggle around.

In a simple, straightforward manner, The Total Transformation® Program teaches parents, educators, and anyone else working with challenging kids effective skills to use immediately to transform inappropriate, disrespectful behavior into responsible, accountable habits.

This program can be used for children with or without learning disabilities or behavioral disorders.

Meet James Lehman a Man Who’s Walked the Path and Knows What Works

James Lehman is your guide and teacher in this program.

defiant teenagerHe’ll teach you how changing the way you see your child and their behavior can help you become a more effective parent.

This program can be used by anyone who works with or lives with children with behavioral issues; not just parents but teachers, counselors, live in treatment caregivers, grandparents, and more will benefit greatly from working with this behavioral program.

Not only is Lehman’s system appropriate for families who are struggling with children already displaying obnoxious, angry, and out of control behavior (and guess what they’re really not “out of control”); it’s a program that can teach you the skills to use with your kids to avoid those behaviors from starting.

If anyone knows what pushes kids to act disrespectful, unmanageable, and even abusive, it’s James Lehman. Abandoned at two years of age by alcoholic parents Lehman was taken in and adopted by Mr. Teddy Lehman.

A troubled child he grew into a troubled young adult living on the streets of New York City, using drugs, and engaging in crime. Lehman spent seven years in various jails and one day was sentenced to an accountability treatment program – from that day on Lehman’s story would change.

After successfully completing the program, he became employed working for that program, went on to college for social work, and eventually received his Master’s Degree in social work from Boston University graduating Summa Cum Laude. Lehman now offers hope to others, saying that if he could change, anyone can.

Lehman’s Down to Earth, Matter of Fact Style is Non-judgmental

James Lehman leads you in a down to earth, matter of fact style.

He is free from judgment of parents or children and really gets down to the unacceptable behaviors and teaching parents the skills they need to in turn teach their children to problem solve – a vital life skill.

Lehman suggests that an inability to solve problems effectively is at the base of this negative behavior. The inability to effectively solve problems results in anger, frustration, sadness and other feelings that lead to destructive behaviors. He doesn’t focus on the causes, but rather how to change it now.

Lehman counsels kids and families in becoming accountable to each other and themselves and teaches the skills parents need to effectively parent and raise their kids so they can succeed and problem solve throughout life.

The Total Transformation Program: What You’ll Receive

The Total Transformation® contains a Jump Start DVD, a Parent’s Workshop DVD, 7 Audio Lessons, a One Minute Transformation CD, a 116 page workbook with an accompanying chapter for each audio lesson, and for one dollar you get access to the parental support line for 30 days. This line gives you access to talk with specialists personally trained by Lehman who are experienced working with parents.

All program components come in a sturdy three way folder from Legacy Publishing.

The seven audio lessons are:

  • Audio Lesson 1: Why Does My Child Act This Way?
  • Audio Lesson 2: Why Won’t My Child Listen to Me?
  • Audio Lesson 3: Breaking Through
  • Audio Lesson 4: Transformation Tools
  • Audio Lesson 5: Understanding Faulty Thinking
  • Audio Lesson 6: What to Do After Your Child Acts Out
  • Audio Lesson 7: How to Stop it Before it Starts

Parenting ProgramEach lesson is sequential building upon the preceding one and Lehman asks you to first watch the Jump Start DVD, read the workbook introduction and take the pre-evaluation, take the pre-test for Lesson 1, then begin with Audio Lesson 1, and the corresponding workbook activities that follow.

The workbook contains pre-evaluations and pre-tests that are simple and seem more to guide your thinking than “test” your parenting.

There are also evaluations that guide you in gaining more insight into your child and your style of parenting. The Total Transformation doesn’t leave you wondering what to do next; you’ll have concrete steps to take after each audio lesson, even the very first.

You Will Develop Effective Parenting Skills

Lehman is very easy to listen to and understand. He comes across completely without judgment of either the parents or the child. His goal is obviously to impart the skills to the parent and the child so they can both problem solve in effective ways.

Lehman immediately takes away the all too common parental guilt many parents feel when faced with children who appear out of control. It’s not about guilt or blame it’s about changing what you do as a parent and holding your child accountable for learning what you teach them – skills for problem solving that will serve them for life.

As a parent of three, certified teacher, and frequent volunteer with children I must say I like this program. It inspires me and motivates me to understand what actually starts misbehavior in children and how to effectively deal with it to change it.

I believe that if educators, parents, and anyone else who’s dealing with a difficult child studies and implements Lehman’s program they will surely see changes in themselves, their children, and the entire household and family.

Father and SonThis program empowers the parent who then can empower the child to act responsibly and be held accountable, no matter what their individual situation. This is a powerful tool for any family to use and learn.

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7 Responses

  1. Tabitha Yamnitz says:

    I have got a six year old that is mean to me, his step dad and his half brother. He thinks that he does nothing wrong. Is there anything I can do to get him to change his attitude?

  2. Sandy says:

    Hi Tabitha, I would certainly visit the Total Transformation website. They have many great articles. I feel all parents, and grandparents would benefit by owning this course.

  3. Ruthann says:

    I have an 11yr old who is very disrespectful towards everyone. She acts out in school and at home. She is always fighting with her two sisters who are only 6 and 5. I honestly don’t know what to do do anymore. Grounding her doesn’t work. Taking this away doesn’t work. What do I do? I need help. A program boot camp or anything? Please help.

  4. Marie says:

    We have a 17 year old who is out of control. Is it too late to help him. Now our 12 year is starting to do the same thing. We need help. I am at my wits end. We don’t want our 17 year old to end up in jail or anything else. Can you help us?

    • sanbreck says:

      Greetings Marie, James Lehman has helped many families with teenagers. I would click this link, and email them you concerns. You may want to give him a little history too. Total Transformation Program Then click “parental support” and you can access the program for thirty days and also ask some questions. We have only heard good things about this program. We have some dear friends who love the free newsletter, so you might sign up for that as well. Good Luck!

  5. Rebecca says:

    My son is going to be nineteen soon. He is his father’s pet and gets what ever he wants like a car and motorbike to go to college. The thing is he hates to hear me talk or advise him and shuts me up rudely or starts playing loud music. He is badly distracted with friends, cars and motor bikes. He isn’t interested in any kind of advise. He wants to know nothing from me. I’m his mother.

  6. There are several residential treatment centers that recommend inner transformational programs for the children and youth suffering from disobedience and defiant behavior. Transitional programs are intended for developing inner positive skills of aggressive teenagers so that they can easily overcome depression, stressing thoughts and anxiety. Parenting programs support out of control kids in maintaining strong relations with parents, siblings, elders and friends.

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