Mr. Ego and the Bubble of Love Included in Spiritual Books for Young Children

Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love – Written by Amber Hinton, Illustrated by Gabreyhl Zintoll, and published by Nameste Publishing

Wow! From the moment I opened the first pages of this amazing book I felt a pang of something hard to explain.

A light, a gift, a bit of a lift. Like I said, hard to explain.

As I read Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love I found myself eagerly waiting to turn the page and see what glorious illustration coupled with lovely wording was there, begging me to explore it next.

This is simply a great book.

A Child’s Spiritual Journey

Amber HintonJoin Amber Hinton as she takes on a child’s spiritual journey to discover the “other” side of himself. While we all have a kind, gentle, and giving side there always lurks the darker side of each of our personalities – adults and children alike. Coming to terms and mastering or ‘taming’ this wilder, often darker side for some is a lifelong journey.

In Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love author Hinton attempts to give children the insight and tools to begin to cope with this ‘ego’ side at an early age.

Join Leo and Discover Your Own Ego

Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love takes you on a journey through the eyes of a young boy, Leo, as he discovers his ego and the tricks it can play on him.

Usually a calm, fun, playful boy Leo at times can become angry and destructive, especially when he doesn’t get his way. Why, oh why he ponders does he turn like this without a seconds warning? He just can’t understand it let alone know what to do to control it.

As he begins his quest for answers he turns to the outside world for help. He asks All That Is for answers and soon he begins to get them.

Inner BeingThis book will show children (and adults for that matter) that what often gets in our own way is our greedy egos.

Not only do we learn about the ego and what it does, this book (thankfully) goes further and teaches children how to ‘tame’ their own egos so they can find peace and happiness everyday. (Hint: It all starts with giving thanks!)

A Deep Spiritual Lesson Ideal for Kids and Adults Alike

This is a deeply spiritual and practical lesson that is delivered in an easy to understand and grasp manner. It is a message that young children and adults alike need to not only hear but to also put into practice in their daily lives.

Some of us struggle more with ego than others who somehow naturally understand the ego. This story transmits a lesson of love, self acceptance, and gratitude for all that is.

We can all, kids and adults alike, want more, more, and more if we let our egos run the show. However we will rarely find happiness, true happiness and peace going this route. As we learn to accept, love, and embrace our ego but put it where it belongs when it rears it’s sometimes ugly head we will find our place in the world and true meaning for life.

I believe that if we all follow our hearts and destinies true happiness will follow. Often people of all ages struggle with the ego and the havoc it can wreak in daily lives with its greed and demands.

Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love gently and beautifully show the reader, children and adults, how to learn to love themselves for all that they are.

Soulful Illustrations Grace Every Page

Mr Ego and the Bubble of Love BookcoverAnd did I mention the illustrations? They are mesmerizing, mystical, and indeed a delight to view.

They compliment the spiritual message of this important book with grace and ease. You feel the spirit of illustrator Gabreyhl Zintoll on every page.

This is a well written, magically illustrated children’s book that is a must have for every parent, teacher, counselor, aunt, uncle, and grandparent.

If you have children in your life pick up a copy of this inspirational book today!

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