In the Top 20 List of Spiritual Books for Children: Milton’s Secret

52RUR33D86PD – Milton’s Secret: An Adventure through Then, When, and the Power of Now –  Published by Namaste Publishing

Written by Eckhart Tolle and co-author Robert S. Friedman with Illustrations by Frank Riccio

A walk through any local or chain bookstore reveals shelf upon shelf of books of all kinds.

There are children’s books, adult books, young adult books, beginning reader books, picture books, large print books, virtually every type of book you could imagine.

Milton's Secret IllustrationBut amongst these many books it’s often impossible to find a book that can touch the young, the old, and those in between. Milton’s Secret is a book that has mastered this difficult task.

Milton’s Secret: An Adventure through Then, When, and the Power of Now manages to engage people of all ages. Not only is this an engaging book it’s one that teaches a powerful, lifelong lesson that can benefit any age, any race, any gender – anyone who’s alive.

There is No Better Time for the Power of Now

How often we hear today of the unprecedented levels of stress being experienced by both the young and old alike. Young people today are faced with pressures and stresses that are pushing them beyond the brink of what they can handle. They turn to drugs, alcohol, and other addictive behaviors to cope. Some can’t cope at all and simply “check out” of life.

Milton’s Secret is a must read for everyone who struggles with worry or stress – every so often or daily. The secret that Milton learns is to live in the Now! Living in the now? Easy to say but so difficult to grasp and really live on a daily basis even for adults. How do we teach our children, the children of the world to understand this concept so they can live fear free, peaceful, and happy lives?

Reading Milton’s Secret Gives Children Hope in a Sometimes Scary World

Welcome to NowStart with reading Milton’s Secret to your children. This book cleverly takes you on a journey through the eyes of an elementary schooler, Milton, as he faces the common challenge of dealing with a bully.

Eckhart Tolle, who is also the author of bestselling book The Power of Now and A New Earth, carefully weaves into the story a parallel happening with Milton’s beloved cat Snuggles. This enables children who might not ‘get it’ (as well as adults) to tackle this elusive concept from a different perspective. And what child doesn’t love to hear animal stories!

As Milton learns from his Grandpa and an inspiring dream message living in the Now is key to living in happiness and peace. Isn’t this a message that is timeless and ageless?

With the rush of our modern world, and the pressures we all face, old and young, this book is a ray of hope, light, and peace bringing forth a message we all must not only hear but live.

Milton's Secret IllustrationsJoin Milton and Snuggles as they discover that the key to true happiness doesn’t come from the outside but from really ‘seeing’ the inner light inside of each of us. Each person, each flower, each tree, every song from a gentle bird, everything we see, smell and touch contains this light. Tapping into it and believing it’s truly there is all it takes to find inner peace and contentment no matter what your age, occupation, or life goals may be.

Fran Riccio’s Illustrations Bring Characters to Life

And if the amazing story line wasn’t enough the beautiful, lifelike illustrations by Frank Riccio show such expressions on the faces of the characters you can’t help but find them to be real, someone you know or once knew.  This is especially true for Milton and the boy he struggles with in this story, Carter.

As they say “a picture’s worth a thousand words” and this couldn’t be truer than in this book. I love the colorful, expressive, and gripping drawings that accompany this powerful story.

Milton’s Secret is Bound to be a Classic Book, and when you search Amazon’s list of best selling spiritual children’s books, Milton’s Secret ranks among the best.

Milton's Secret BookcoverMilton’s Secret is a book is one that I will keep close at hand and read to my children (of various ages,) my husband, my friends, and of course myself on a regular basis. This is one story that will never grow old and will only have deeper meaning as time passes.

I have gained a deep respect for Eckhart Tolle and co-author Robert S. Friedman for taking this lesson to the children of the world who will benefit greatly from reading it and calling on its lessons not only on tough days but on days full of tranquility!

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