Life is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment by Peter Buffett

In this warmhearted, inspiring book Peter Buffett leads the reader on a journey of self discovery.

This book is an excellent read for parents who want their children to find their true vocation in life and still be community minded.

In fact for older, teen children this is a book they too could benefit from reading.

In Life is What You Make It, Buffett contends that life is not about growing up privileged, about what you have, but more about learning values that allow you to forge your own path along the way.

He says the most important of these is trust:

Trust that the world and its peoples are, despite their inherent flaws, ultimately good.

Peter Buffet PictureIn this 12 chapter, 257 page book Buffett believes that today’s work ethic has shifted to doing something you’re passionate about that benefits others to working for the outcome of materialism. A purpose that brings discontentment and lacks true, deep, inner fulfillment.

Buffett challenges today’s workers to rekindle the romance with working for fulfillment and suggests when we do this happiness will be intrinsically built into the process.

Do you Opt for the Path of Least Resistance?

Today many of us choose the path of least resistance, doing what is expected, what brings us the biggest financial payoff, and foregoing what our souls and spirits are possibly urging us to do. Do you follow this path like so many others today?

Buffett believes that the path of least resistance isn’t always the one that will bring us deep fulfillment or even happiness.

Forging one’s own path, despite the bumps along the way, is the true lesson of this book.

It’s not about finding and following a path that is smooth, straight, and without problems. It’s about choosing the path that not only is right for you but also that gives back and helps to nurture our own world and planet.

What is Success?

This path may not always be easy to follow yet, as Buffett believes, once you find this path that is unique to you, you’ll achieve immeasurable success by sticking to it.

And just what really is success?

In Chapter Ten Buffett explores this sometimes skewed concept of success with the readers.  As Buffett so plainly puts it, (in today’s society,) “successful has become little more than a coded synonym for well paid.” How true and how sad this statement is.

As Buffett goes on in Chapter Ten to explain the problem isn’t about making good money but instead money should be a spin-off of success, not the definition of success. He contends that true success is uniquely personal to each one of us and can only be defined and determined by us.

Success cannot be acquired from the outside world nor can it be taken away by the outside world. It lives within our hearts and souls. This is true success.

About Peter Buffett

All this may sound non sensible coming from a man whose famous father, Warren Buffett, is well known for his investments and money but this famous Buffett begs to differ.

He knows that the greatest gifts he received from his parents are the gifts to find his own path, learn to trust the world, and build all from a place of love he was “privileged” to have from his close knit family growing up in Omaha.

Buffett recalls his life growing up in suburban Omaha and just what meant the most to him. These fond memories that have inspired him and helped him to follow his own path today (not the path of least resistance) have nothing to do with money. Instead he recalls living just a few short blocks to his grandparent’s house where he’d be showered with hugs, ice cream, and genuinely listened to and cared about by his beloved grandparents.

Life is What You Make it BookcoverBuffett explains that what his family really gave him was that simple. Love, time, and the gift of trusting that the world and its people are inherently good. This, he believes, is what set the stage for his own success. And by success he doesn’t mean wealth.

The Inspirations of Peter Buffett

Buffett is an Emmy Award winning musical composer and producer. He also started and runs the nonprofit group NoVo Foundation, a foundation that seeks to empower women and girls through creating a culture of collaboration and partnership. He talks the talk and walks the walk.

Life if What You Make It, is an inspiring, uplifting book that should be read by all parents if you want your children to truly find success in life.

The kind of success that does not mean simply being “well paid.” This is an easy to read, warm, and inviting book that you just don’t want to put down and once you finish will be inspired to chart your own course and find deep, real fulfillment.

The book is also available to read on a Kindle, or in AudioBook format.

To learn more, visit Amazon > Life Is What You Make It



To learn more, visit Amazon > Life Is What You Make It

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    Mr. Buffett has some great insights into life in the twenty-first century. Hopefully America will follow and lead the way.

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