How to Rule the World from Your Couch by Laura Day

With a catchy title that promises you can “rule” from the comfort of your own couch who wouldn’t want to read (and master) the tips in this book by acclaimed best selling author Laura Day?

And while ruling the world from your couch may sound appealing to some for others it’s hard to stay put on the couch for more than five minutes.

However, this book is for both types of people and in fact for anyone that wants to transform their mundane life to one of deep inner and personal fulfillment.

Intuition as a  Path to Personal Fulfillment

Laura Day PictureAs Laura Day contends, the key to this ultimate and real success is using your intuition!

This book teaches the reader in an easy to follow step-by-step manner how to tap into your own intuition and use it to fulfill your needs and goals. These goals aren’t just limited to individuals Day urges companies to also use these tools to achieve their potential as successful, thriving companies with happy employees.

And Day should know what she is talking about. She’s spent more than two decades working with companies and individuals in order to teach them how to tap into and use their own intuition to find fulfillment. Fulfillment of all sorts. Some of these “clients” include Brad Pitt, Chris Rock, and Demi Moore. And while for me a list of celebrities doesn’t equate with a good book or even a good program Day delivers on what she promises.

Exploring Your Own Intuitive Gifts

Rule From Your Couch BookflapIn this 8 chapter, 269 page book, How to Rule the World from Your Couch, Day uses exercises that enable the reader to find their own intuitive spirit and use it to guide them to making choices that are right for them.

Day discusses many of the information sources each of us possess but aren’t aware of or don’t know how to use in a world that relies on science much more than intuition.

Some of the topics Day teaches the reader not only about but how to use everyday are:

  • Mediumship
  • Telepathy
  • Body Heat Telepathy
  • Remote Viewing
  • Precognition
  • Healing

Day explores each of these topics, what they really are, how to look for clues of them in your life, and ultimately how to apply them to your personal and professional life for true success. Success which means fulfillment.

Creating Your Plan

Day will teach you how to do the following with her strategic, precise plan to Rule the World from Your Couch:

  • Find and Secure your Dream Job
  • Spot Your Perfect Mate
  • Have a good relationship with your children
  • Workplace problems
  • Lose weight

Does all this seem too good to be true?

As you’ll learn in How to Rule the World from Your Couch, we’ve forgotten that we are given an intuitive ability (really intuitive abilities) that provide for us everything we need to find our own path and steer our ship as we navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of life.

Day doesn’t give you anything you don’t already possess. She simply teaches you first that you have it, how to notice it, and purposeful ways to tap into it and make your life the one it was meant to be.

How to Rule the World From Your Couch BookcoverDay promises that with patience, understanding, and perseverance you will truly be able to achieve all she promises by simply utilizing your innate intuitive gifts.

This book takes the intuitive gifts we all possess and makes them into a usable, recognizable tool. The exercises are remarkable in assisting those not experienced with using their intuitive powers to move to a place of becoming comfortable with their gifts and eventually putting them to use in everyday life.

This book is well written, easy to read, and even fun to practice the exercises Day advises if you too want to learn How to Rule the World from Your Couch!

To learn why readers give 5 Stars, visit Amazon > How to Rule the World From Your Couch by Laura Day

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These two books, along with her other best selling titles can work together synergistically, so you might want to consider adding Laura’s best sellers to your “empowerment” library collection.

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3 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    Hey there, loved this post. Intuition is a true gift we all have. Many just don’t realize its potential. Life was meant to be easy. Why oh why do people burden themselves silly with trials and tasks. Let life take you on its journey, don’t fight it and the awareness you will discover is truly mind blowing. Thanks for posting.

  2. William says:

    I’m finding it difficult to manifest my dream job. Any advice on how to do this?

  3. Deb says:

    I love the idea of just relaxing and tuning into what possibilities there truly are for me. Some very unexpected ideas and opportunities come up that I would never imagine otherwise.

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