Positive Affirmation: My Highest Good is Manifesting in My Life Right Now

The point of this positive attitude quote, or trust affirmation is literally, whatever is the best, finest, good for you that there is. Be aware that sometimes our American, Puritan, “sin-oriented” conditioning may try to make something different from this than what it actually is. This isn’t “good for you” like nasty medicine, or “Having the goodness of a Saint” as in being inhuman and untouchable. No, it’s what you know to be the highest and finest experience for you.

It has some nice built-in safeguards as well. For instance, no matter how much a “bad boy” or “bad girl” we may consider ourselves to be, the Truth is that we don’t truly thrive unless those we care about are doing well too. Therefore, our highest good would automatically include “doing no harm”. A lovely principle in Metaphysics is that the most elegant solution to conflicts is “what blesses one, blesses all”.

When you contemplate your highest good, amazing things can happen. Personally, when I first tried this affirmation, my entire world went through a dramatic shift. At the time, I was being less than true to myself, and abruptly the way was made clear to return to my authenticity. Although startling, it was very healing. I’ve seen this happen with others as well. One woman had a new job offer in the first week of using the affirmation. It was a position she hadn’t previously considered, but turned out to suit her perfectly.

Allow yourself to contemplate your Highest Good. Then, watch it manifest in your life with this positive attitude quote.

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