Positive Affirmation: My Connection to the Divine Is Eternal

This positive attitude quote reminds us that our connection to the Divine never goes away, even when we may believe that it has. It’s built in, like our brain. There are times in life when we may feel lost or abandoned, or have attempted to sever the connection ourselves. It simply doesn’t work. No matter how clouded our perceptions may be, the spiritual instinct to connect with our Source, is also a survival instinct.

It really doesn’t matter what assertions we may have made that we don’t need a spiritual connection, that we don’t deserve one, etc., we’re “stuck” with it. We may believe we don’t deserve to breathe either, but that doesn’t stop breathing from occurring.

When we relax and accept the fact that we are always spiritually connected, it takes a great deal of strain off of our lives. Inspiration is far easier to access, and life is more secure. There is no effort required for this, just simple acceptance of a basic fact of life. When we can accept this, we then have the opportunity to explore it’s processes.

As you contemplate the idea that “Your Connection to the Divine is Eternal”, allow yourself to surrender to the fact that no matter what, the essence of who you are is permanently nourished by the Highest and Best resource there could ever be. The connection need not be defined or labeled, only cherished.

An inspirational quote can awaken a positive attitude, which in turn can support positive action in life.

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